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Since Graw2 is not available, I am looking for similar games, both single and multiplayer, that is as active as Graw2, especially multiplayer. As a guide as to what I am looking for, I do not like the "Future Soldier" format. Thanks for your help.... Tom1935

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I second Blame only with RHS: Escalation instead, then it pretty much becomes a souped up Ghost Recon on a larger scale.

Insurgency is good as well, it's a smaller scale multiplayer Arma type co-op milsim. It's pretty fun if nothing else.

Arma 3 is future soldier-ish, but there are mods out there (like RHS) which can bring the game back to a present day setting.


http://store.steampowered.com/app/222880/ Edited by Zeealex
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I would strongly recommend Arma 2 Combined Arms. There are so many assets available and the best mods are to be had in there. Our group uses KAI mod, it makes Arma a different game.

Also, you can play the Arma series whichever way you want. Full out War or really small spec op missions, its all possible. There are plenty of missions available over on the community forum.

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