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Windows 10 TP 9726 and DX 12 gaming. Improvements

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You can right-click on the tiles of the start menu on the right side and close those tile as you see fit. the magnifying glass next to the start button would be for cortana. you can ask her to go to websites "Go to Ghostrecon.net" and my browser opened to Rocky's website as a web search format using Bing. the all apps in th escreenshot has changed a bit and the new start menus scrolls down which seemed a lot easier for finding programs and has a section in the menu for "most used programs" great for ghost recon addicts like me.

This version of windows is meant to be gamer friendly as you can stream your games from your Xboxone account on your PC.

DirectX 12 will give us all a better gaming experience. (I'm looking to stress test DX12 by playing games wiith hardcore levels)

This version of windows, my current version is 9926 as of this writing as MSFT updates to newer builds on the fly in technical builds. Consumer preview builds (CP), the first is to be released next week (week of 26 Jan 2015). I'd reccommend using a CP build for regular users for stability reasons. (though I haven't had ANY crash issues with this TP build.

the directx dialog box confirms DX12 is present (click images for a better view)


And the desktop looks virtually the same with minor UI changes that are helpful. *Note Cortana/search box next to the start button.


there are still some modern UI elements however with my installation, the system seemed to know I was on a not touchscreen system and thereby installed the OS for desktop in my case. on CORTANA* click the little mic in the ask me anything box and ask about the weather, websites or more. and it will either tell you the temperature outside(great for mornings on your way to work.. do I need a jacket? cortana will tell you. But speaking about a website will open your default browser and post search link as if you searched the web normally for you. in Technical previews, newer releases automatically download and update for you automatically. also, the control panel is a bit more hidden so I'll post later when I get back as to find it and pin it to your taskbar. it looks like Windows 7's control panel but it is nice to have handy. I'll do a post in this thread how to find it and pin it to your taskbar. its a workaround but worthy to know.

conclusion: see my DX 12 gaming report Here for a more gaming centric look at Windows 10.


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Locking your laptop or PC.

this was easy and the fine folks ate neowin.net were helpful. usually we were accustomed to getting the menu of items under the start menu like




to lock your system, either use the windows key +L or click on your account name at the top of the start menu. At this point I asked if MSFT would simplify this by adding it to the start menu without clicking on the account name or using the win+L key combo.

as a Microsoft insider using a preview build, I sent a feedback to bring this locking the Pc feature to the start menu,

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does the task manager still take a billion years to load?

it's one of the major qualms I had in 8.1

No. its fast and snappy.

UPDATE: We just received 3 new patches for the OS in preperation for a new build release. The new build is rumored to be a 10,xxx build sometime next week with monthly builds thereafter.

MSFT has stated it will return the aero glass effect for the start menu and task bar.

Nvidia drivers have been released to update to 349.65

WDDM has been updated to 2.0 link

dxdiag screenshot


Nvidia driver update (current as of 2/19/2015)


So things are moving along and each month will be a new build. I'll post again when the new build releases.


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Hey Zee you can get back the old Windows 7 style TM using a registry install. Check this out here:


Also Zee try difference ways to start Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT +ESC for one) I think different ones start faster. At least for me CTRL+ALT DEL is the slowest way. I think there's 8 ways to start TM . Also the first time you hit TM it will load slower but close it and try again and it should be faster. Even a couple hours later I have found.

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My 4 cores but intel lists them as 8 logical processors. AMD would show 4 cores. this is the Windows 10 TP taskmanager similar of the Windows 8/8.1 taskmanager


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More news. Neowin is reporting that, Microsoft is engaged in going to RTM of windows 10 in June. getting it out before the school season might be a reason for the earlier release than Windows 8


So, Microsoft is doing the logical thing here and will push for Windows 10 to RTM in June so that it can have devices ready for the school shoppers, like the next generation Surface.

While we are still digging around for more details, Microsoft knows that it can't ride the Surface Pro 3 forever, it will need to include a Broadwell chip in the device in the near future to remain competitive. Sure, the rush is not immediate, but it needs to happen sooner rather than later, and why would Microsoft launch a new Surface with Windows 8.1?

If you look back to last year, Microsoft released the Pro 3 in June, perfect timing for the back to school market. It would make a lot of sense for the company to release the next generation Surface around the same timeline with Windows 10, and we believe that is their current intention at this time.

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UPDATE: As of now, we don't yet have the new build. I borked my install of Windows 10 TP but no biggie. I have it to where I like it. We were supposed to get a new build but seems next month will be the next build.

one short fall as of now is no lock option built into the start menu. but simply press the keys Win+L and it will lock your system.

I'm a gamer so my view is directly from a Gamers standpoint.

I'll continue to update as things progress. (this update 2/28/2015 US PST)

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