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New Map: OGR_Quarry-Papa6V2


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download link soon!

The mission is the stock mission from GRIN. (Credit given where due) bundling the map was done by MexicanBob (thanks MexicanBob)

I couldn't get into the quarry area because I sucked. I added trees and other items from the static and dynamic layers within the editor. I basically did cosmetics to the map (watch out for the snipers!) the trees hide the snipers well. Although none were added by me, they are tough to see through the trees :whack: . I added a gate to the opening to the greater quarry area. the enemy placements stayed the same. Tanks: stayed the same. I added two resupply mules (one pictured below). the other is in the open greater quarry area. I added fencing and walls for cover and concealment and some for cosmetics. Enjoy!


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