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New modern character textures needed (RPM)

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Hi everyone (after a long time),

It was quite a while since I actually wrote something here, but now I just have to make this topic.

You see, I am currently working on a second version of my mod (Russian Player Mod) - I didn't really like the first version, so I decided to try once again and make this mod from scratch. As you can see in the title of this topic, I would need some help with the character textures. I actually made some new textures for this mod (using the textures that were already in the game files), but I decided that it would be better if the characters were given a different, modern look (not the models though, just the textures).

So here is my question - would you like to help me with that task? I am not skilled enough to make anything looking really good, so I would need some help.

Here are the (nicely grouped) textures:


My idea was to make them look modern, with current camouflage and other stuff like that. If anyone would like to help me with that, I would be much obliged.

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Tinker used this .psd on Rockall to make enemy uniforms.

Has some camos which you probably don't need.

The most useful items would probably be the web gear layers

which have been cut out already.

I added a wrinkle layer if that is needed. It is set to overlay but you can try other blend modes

or enhance it how you like.


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Thanks to everyone for responding, I'll continue to experiment with the textures - it's always good to learn something new.

By the way, do you know how could I do something like that:

Let's say I have a high resolution picture or photo of some random camouflage. I would like to place in on a character texture (that's the first part), but without the risk of removing elements like pockets and other parts of the uniform (and that's the second part) - so I would have the same uniform texture, but with new camo.

How could I do that?

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The camo layer will work best if it has no shading in it.

That is individual colors have no variation of being lighter or darker.

This is a good example you can add to the rk_enemy.psd I up loaded in post # 3.


The colors in the example camo.jpg have no lightness or darkness or contrast of a particular color.

In the rk_enemy.psd I upload there is a wrinkle layer set to overlay blend mode. Add the example camo.jpg

below the wrinkles layer in the layer palette and leave it at normal blend mode.

With the wrinkles layer set at overlay and the example camo layer below it you should see the effect the wrinkle layer has on the example camo layer. Click the little eyeball icon off and on for the wrinkles layer to see the effect.

If you want to strengthen the effect of the wrinkle layer,

click on it so it is blue, go to the toolbar> click Layer > in the sub menu choose New Adjustment Layer > Brightness and Contrast. You will get a small window. Check "Use previous layer to create clipping mask". This way the brightness/contrast effects only the wrinkle layer. Click OK in this small window. Then the adjustment window will appear with sliders for brightness contrast. Try increasing contrast to strengthen the effect for the wrinkles.

The amount is up to you.

*Note WytchDokta's camo pack has the wrinkle layer merged with the camo layer so it is difficult to strengthen or weaken the wrinkles.

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First off, thanks Led for the heads-up.

Yeah, yeah GR.net, long time no see and all that.

For my camopack uniforms, I actually used a differently method to apply the texture than those that have been describe here (that's just me, I HAVE to be different.) In fact, I didn't use layers at all. And for good reason.

I saw other camo textures simply had the camo layer pasted over the wrinkles layer. Which meant, the whole thing was tiled right over pockets, collars, etc. In real life, this isn't the case. So my OCD (that's Obsessive Computer Disorder) wanted to do something about it. The camo uniform is not one large continual pattern. The pattern should be cut differently for pockets and collars etc. To achieve that I hand painted the textures around everything but the pockets etc. Then I offset the angle of camo pattern before applying to pockets. Did the same process for flaps, collars, etc too, offsetting the angle in a different way for each one.

This process takes a long time per each uniform but is more accurate (in my opinion.)

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Great, you have got me considering doing over my uniform textures :o lol

I can see it now: "Inspired by the WytchDokta." :hehe:

IIRC, I had my blend type on the brush set to either Overlay or Multiply. Can't remember what the Opacity value was.

Oh, and caffeine helps too. Especially for that Obsessive Caffeine Disorder (OCD)

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Hello again,

Let's say I kind of disappeared into the void for about a month, but now I am back here - sorry for that...

Again, thanks for the new answers in my topic. WytchDokta's way of making the textures seems quite interesting - any tips for a beginner on how to do this (for example while using the camo and the uniform attached to this message)?



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Ok first I would go ahead and grab one of the grey uniform textures from WytchDokta's camo pack.

Now using clone stamp turn the brush mode to overlay and paste the camo texture over WD grey bdu.

You will likely need to adjust both images a bit to get the right match but thats basicly how I do it :)

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What size of the camouflage picture would you suggest in order to make the uniform texture look realistic? Now I have a camouflage picture with the size of 1659px x 1659px - should I change it to, let's say, 128px x 128px?

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Do a google image search, say for "russian dig flora" compare how the camo looks in real life to how it looks on your texture.

For that digi flora pattern I reckon you are going to need to shrink the texture down a bit, then make a bigger more to scale texture using the smaller one, confused? I confuse myself.

Oh and that texture your using is the same one I used haha.

Infact the end result should look like that psd I posted here.

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