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THANATOS FIVE ZERO (The real future soldier)

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It's pretty much all snow mate, except for Dream Knife remake which is a muddy miserable situation but even then its snowy mud.

Thanatos is pretty much a winter themed mod.

My capad mod in addition to having the main capad campaign set in a number of enviroments across mexico will have a few quickly made bonus missions set in various hot and temperate locations.

But speaking about Thanatos I'm thinking after I'm done remaking the original campaign I will only be making a couple of more big Thanatos missions bringing the total number of completely new missions to a measly 4.

The original campaign missions though will be highly modified with many new suprises new objectives and a new take on the original story.

For instance instead of rescuing a couple of GI's from a pow camp you are now freeing political prisoners vital to regime change from a dank, filthy, concentration camp.





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The real future soldier.

As promised! (Embed dam you!)

Rextextured moscow based off zee's project novo. Better pics here.

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