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THANATOS FIVE ZERO (The real future soldier)


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Mission starts and plays for me. Using version 1 from the gr.net d/l section.

For what it is worth the ike.log

Failed to Reset Device
SOUND: Cannot Find: Air_briefing.wav
Loading map c:\program files (x86)\red storm entertainment\ghost recon\mods\origmiss\map\m13_airbase\m13_airbase.map
SimGun: Gun node intel office cd has no muzzle flash helper point.
SimGun: Gun node intel office cd has no camera offset helper point.
SimGun: Gun node intel maps has no muzzle flash helper point.
SimGun: Gun node intel maps has no camera offset helper point.
RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file strobeflash01.rsb
RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file strobeflash02.rsb
SOUND: Uninitialized:(37,000 entries)

Might consider deleting any saves for that mission and keeping only the necessary mods in the mod folder needed to run the mission.

If you are using a working version of the mod and it contains .psd's or variations of the same file that may cause issues. My experience is that it won't crash the mission but may lag the heck out of it.

Good luck Mr Moon.

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Been doing a little work on Thanatos recently too.

Dockyards retexture.









Dimitri Blatov, arms dealer, terrorist and fanatical leader of Ravens rock internal security forces, the Ghosts primary antagonist.


You can view bigger pics here.

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(Better pics here)

More pics from updated moscow now with a fancy new skybox with skyscrapers in the distance.

Showcasing the new internal security troops and dissident rioters.

(GRFS live action trailer anyone?)




I always felt the white razor mission was a bit of an anti climax to the OGR campaign so I'm gonna be heavily rescripting this mission.

Some more dock's pics.




Gonna scale back the thanatos campaign to around 6/7 missions. Gonna rescript a couple of serp missions to save some time too.

Don't worry though they will play out very differently. Might possibly ask for some help from people here with voice acting too.

A bunch of the original campaign missions are gonna have some heavy rescripting too.

Also could someone point me in the direction of an rsb editor guide? I wan't to change the foot step sounds on some surfaces as well as other properties.

Thanks guys.

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Also could someone point me in the direction of an rsb editor guide? I wan't to change the foot step sounds on some surfaces as well as other properties.

You mean some instructions on how to use and make changes?

Ghost Recon_Level Builder.pdf

RSB Editor guide starts on page 45 of the .pdf.

I think it's on the IT disk.

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RSBEditor.zip Link:


I have the unzipped files in My Documents in a folder I named RSB Editor.

It is self contained and run the exe from there. No other setup is necessary.

Use the file tree on the left to navigate to the appropriate folder.

Sometimes it won't load the images but a restart of the RSB Editor should fix that.

Page 49-56 of the GR Level Builder pdf explains the property editor found in the RSB Editor.

Access the property editor by right clicking on a file in the list or an image and select property editor.

Here is a readme I picked up somewhere.

Below link is for the RsbEditor. It is not a good converter but is a good viewer.
It is on the Island Thunder disc but I wasn't sure that you may have a Steam version.

Create a folder, maybe called RSB Editor, place the RSBEditor.zip in it and then choose extract here.

To use double click the RSBEditor.exe and a window will open.

On the left is a file tree that you can use to navigate to the folder containing rsb's you wish to look at.

Double click the folder of your choice and in the large window a list will appear of rsb's. To view right click on the list and choose view.

You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through them. When you are viewing the name will appear at the bottom of the screen.

To return to the list right click on the large window and choose browse.

Also there is a right click option to open the property editor.
The property editor can change the values for Alpha channels/ Sampling/ Animation/ Scrolling and the last tab is for Game properties.

Has some other functions as well.

As the readme mentions it supposedly will convert images to .rsb format but it is not good at it.

PhotoShop is far simpler and efficient.

Use the properties of the RSE rsb's as a guide if not sure about setting any of the properties for a file.

Like that you have added a fire and smoke effect to the car in the last photo.

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Ok I had a copy of rsb editor installed already but I downloaded from the link you provided anyway to see if there was any difference.

I'm still not seeing the list of options described in the world builder document .

My game properties tag looks like this.

And thanks white razor is gonna be a full scale uprising.

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I went to the linked photo of the property editor(game tab). The section Surface Type in the RH lower corner: To the right of the word 'none' there is a small down arrow. Does it not show a list of options when clicking on the down arrow?

The other section called Tags:

This usually provides options for me that can be left unchecked or checked. Such as Gunshot Transparent, Grenade Transparent, LOS Transparent, Foliage, Water. Maybe this is normal for the particular texture you have opened in the property editor but IIRC mine usually has these options.


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Will this mod be entirely set in snowy urban and rural areas? I've got mixed feelings on prolonged instances of winter fighting in games. I mean, I enjoy it in short periods, but it sort of wears down on me after a while. My one gripe with ZAPAD-81 was that most of it was snow. Purely subjective and a matter of preference on my part. I don't think it'll impede my enjoyment of the mod to any significant degree. Plus, snow and gray skies can be pretty atmospheric.

If the mod's campaign is 100% snow, will there be temperate or tropical versions of the Ghosts and their enemies included, so I can continue to enjoy the rest of the features on the majority of maps and missions?

In any case, the mod looks fantastic and I'm excited to play it when it's done.

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