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THANATOS FIVE ZERO (The real future soldier)


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You can grab the demo here!

A one mission demo featuring.

One big ass deluxe mission.

New weapons with realistic reports.

Hundreds of new characters and retextured vehicles.

Higher definition custom textures.

Custom sounds and music.

Custom menu art.

Voice acting!

Much much more!

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Sensational work, Mr Moon... downloaded from your alternative mirror and got about halfway (maybe?) through the mission last night.

As a big fan of migryder's modding style I mean it as the highest compliment to say yours is of the same level - nicely balanced and paced, with some truly cinematic touches (insertion and Reaper drone action to name but two that have overwhelmed me so far). The skins and weapons are also truly awesome... my oldish PC was thrashing the framerate a bit at points, but nothing unplayable.

Very much looking forward to jumping back into this mission again - and the rest of the missions when you get a chance to work them up and release them.

Many thanks for this great expansion for OGR!


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Thanks theo yeah most of my missions are based around migryder's mission style, p2 is by far my favorite mod.

Somehow the enviroments he makes feel more 'interactive' and 'cinematic' at the same time.

And its just occured to me Ive never bothered to play his 'africa burning' mod, will have to change that :)

Sorry about the crappy frame rates, to save time on making new skins I long ago opted out of creating alternative chr lods and it has occured to me before the frame rates on lower end machines may suffer because of that sorry dude :(

Really pleased you enjoyed what you have played so far!

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Ok version 2 of the demo is now available!


Two Thanatos campaign missions.

Three original missions (originaly HU missions) remixed for Thanatos.

Imported weapons.

New and imported sound and music.

New characters.

Get it here.

Have somewhat lost interest in modding gr for the time being, time to get back to what I was doing before

and a couple of other mini projects for other games Ive been thinking about.

Don't worry though my love for ghost recon is far from gone and Im sure another release will happen one or two times this year.

Thanks to everybody who has helped out or let me butcher their fine work for my own selfish needs :)

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Many thanks for the update, Moon. I fully understand your need for taking a break from modding for a while, sometimes it's necessary to take a step back and recharge the batteries a bit. Hopefully you'll return invigorated to spoil us with more of your excellent work in the future.

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Hi guys anyone do me a small favour?

If anyone has current version of thanatos installed could they try playing the mission dark winter?

Just tried to play it and it crashed to desktop upon starting with nothing regestering in the ike log other then the map loading.

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