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"Richard's First Person Weapon Mod" (FPWV) 2014


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Ill PM him and see if I can grab his code..:)

I have a question...I cant get the TPV to work;

I mean,  both FPV and TPV look alike, is that normal?

I grabbed it from grnet dl section...

Grabbing grtrainer now... 

EDIT:  The GRtrainer doesnt start...:( Do you have a 32 bit avalaible?


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I grabbed the  file but I cant make it to work, Im on XP when playing GR....its an .exe but i think its an 64bits file.

...He kindly drop me a link, and I PM you the linkfor dl already and let us know if you test  maybe?

(And maybe someone can make it 32b one day...so i can test it too...........:ph34r:)



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i Tried weapon Change

and Applied DTD mod + Blood oil Weapon + Sabotage +Project Nova +Centcom

and new weapon Test

Hezi Sm2

reticule on/off function

Tip.1  my GhostReconTp1.bat  content

start GhostRecon.exe

call TPWV2.exe

i have gr,gr aw modified ,gr aw2 modified gr Future soldier


indeed gr1 fun more than gr Fs ,panthom also multiplay military sims


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can you post a link to TPWV2.exe i dont think anyone but you has it.

also thanks for keeping the thread alive with your awesome posts.


if its similar then i guess it could work as well but you would need to make a trainer to respond to Rogue spear, cause this trainer only responds to Ghostrecon.exe

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