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"Richard's First Person Weapon Mod" (FPWV) 2014


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  • 4 weeks later...

You mean the original file Rocky?

I uploaded it here:


Its cool stuff, bit annoying sometimes, but i got used to it after a lil while..

You have to live with the limitations of it, but it gives another edge,

grats n thanks to Richard, who made it btw..

EDIT: Nice vids too^^^...:) Whats the name of the map in the second to last video?

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  • 5 months later...

this is a alpha version,

lots of bugs and also stuff i cant fix, for example: the camera has no collision detection so i will go through walls

is this how you want it to look?

try it out and tell me what to change

32 bit:


64 bit:


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do you mean:

1. move the camera 1/2 distance to the left from where it is now

[ ] = screen , o = player model , ^ = camera , >>> = after change

[ o ^ ] >>> [ o^ ]


2. move the camera 1/2 distance to the left of the player model?

[ o ^ ] >>> [ ^o ]

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Richard, awesome work man. I would personally prefer the camera higher, close, and over the right shoulder.

Also, Is there a way you can make the camera toggle button change between 1st and 3rd person?

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Richard, I had an idea. Can you make it so that when you press the zoom key for your optics, that it switches from third person view to first person weapon view like in WildLands...just curious how this would play out and feel. Thanks for all your hard work, we appreciate it!

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sure i'll give it a shot

but anyway, here is a over the shoulder camera position about 1/2 distance from previous position, i experimented to minimize clipping in all stances and movement animations

i found a bug i'm trying to fix that causes the custom camera positions for each stance to not work, when lots of actors are on the map or in multiplayer. it may work some times, and other times it may not, but i know whats causing it and i'm working on a fix

32 bit


64 bit


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I think it will be really grateful.

I really appreciate

The value of the game up rising. (it's perfect)

(More than that value ghost recon phantom)

(phantom , future soldier (call of duty,etc) too fast move attack progress like counter strike series

It is not realistic.)

Thank you RichardG

Good Job


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made improvements to FPWV

Even less head texture clipping!!!

tried to merge 1st and 3rd person view into 1 trainer but its a buggy glitchy mess so here are the newest versions of each

32 bit





64 bit





try them out and tell me if i need to change anything

oh yeah, also, i fixed the bug i told you about earlier

and the camera moving forward when 'W' is pressed to reduce head clipping, still only works in-game and not in replays, cause u really do actually need to press the 'w' key for it to work

i'll think of a way to make it automatic though

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Speaking of tweaking, I'm relying on you guys for feed back so I'll know what to tweak to make it more to your liking. Without your feedback I'll mostly be finding and fixing bugs, optimizing the code etc. but not necessarily adding anything new.

Take burners idea for example, about switching between 1st and 3rd view, that's a good idea. Never crossed my mind though lol

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i haven't seen that happen myself, and anyway the changes i made do not affect that sort of thing, i did notice however that in 3rd person view if u fire a rocket it comes from the right (off screen)

even though the guy is clearly on the left of the screen holding the rocket launcher. so i guess its hard coded to spawn the rocket off screen to the right of the camera no matter where the camera is

ok for 1st person but weird for 3rd

so anyway about Burners idea

while testing 3rd person, i found it awkward to play, because it was now super difficult to right peek and impossible to left peek without getting shot, burner suggested an automatic switch to first person when you zoomed in,

to do that i need to merge the 1st and 3rd PV functionality into 1 trainer, and they don't work well together

however, i think i can, improve the third person view trainer to include an automatic switch to first person when u press the peek keys

I'm also working on merging 1st and 3rd person view into 1 trainer but its difficult

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