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Hosting a game/share SADS using GRAW2 Launcher


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Using the GRAW2 Launcher to configure a SADS (Stand Alone Dedicated Server)

  • Run the Launcher once on the server Click start, close the "success" message box that pops up telling you you're configured to play on the game/share network.
  • If your SADS is installed in a default destination folder, the launcher will find it and run the client as it's suppose to, use the " > Kill" button to quickly shut down the client before it starts.

Other stuff

  • If you're running a router and firewall? you will need to open a Port: default SADS port is UDP 16250
  • Don't used the cheat scan! set <scan_for_cheats value="false"/> in your dedicated_game_info.xml or players will need to uninstall mods to join even though that cannot use them.
  • If you want to change the default port to run multiple instances of the SADS add <port value="port here"/> to your dedicated_game_info.xml
  • Don't forget - running multiple instances with an OS above XP sp3 needs special consideration regarding C:\Users\your-servers-username\AppData\Local\graw2 you'll need to make multiple versions of the GRAW2 folder and direct each instances to it's respective folder, I've not been successful at this method.

I take the easy way out and use XP for running multiple instances.

If you are having any trouble seeing, joining or playing on the server? Try...

  • No firewall
  • Use port UDP - 16250 for testing
  • Ping the server host from outside the hosting subnet - get your friends to type ping your hosting ip address in a CMD window and hit enter
  • Use a port checker to make sure UDP - 16250 is open and reachable on the servers host router

Hope this helps

- JH

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