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Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper" - Official Trailer


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6/10 for me...I want to give it an 8/10, but, it smells Hollywood executive suits trampled on this story.

I read the book. The book was more about Kyle vs PTSD.

This is movie is overwhelmed with PTSD.

It's Hurt Locker with a sniper.

Add Sniper with Tom Berenger....at point I said under a breathe..."please...please...don't go there..."

There's dramatization in this movie that upset me because, it took away from Kyle...it took me to PTSD storyline...then it took me to the over-the-top-Hollywood executive suits.

It's not the American Sniper book....well part of it.

It's not Act of Valor,

It's not Charlie Sheen's SEAL

It's Hurt Locker with a sniper.

It tugged me at the end though.

It upsets me the entire state of Texas mourn their son. But nation did not.

It upsets me the nation gave The Interview more attention, than this movie.

It's a shame it got nominated for the sake of inclusion of "a Clint Eastwood" movie.

Bradley Cooper played Kyle pretty well. Here is where the movie excels.

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