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Easy Gameplay Movie Capturing on Mac OS X


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So while looking for the latest and greatest game capturing software for my Mac, I noticed that the free QuickTime Player included with Mac OS X has screen video capturing built-in. Upon giving it a try, I have to say I'm amazed at the ease of use and incredible performance.

QuickTime Player captures near-lossless quality H.264-encoded video in various full-screen HD resolutions at 60 FPS without breaking into sweat (no noticeable gameplay lag on my tiny 11" MacBook Air), while simultaneously recording sound in 44,100 Hz AAC/Mp4 Stereo (BTW - I use Boom as volume booster and system-wide equalizer, which made the procedure even easier.)

The resulting files can easily be edited in iMovie (also free and included with every Mac), or directly be uploaded to e.g. YouTube as-is. So in conclusion, if you're on Mac, look no further for your gameplay capturing or other screen recording needs. Everything required is probably already on your HD.


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