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Hey dude you can either take the original gr woodland ghost rifleman skin, open it up in photoshop using the rsb plugin and pasting the marpat camo onto it or.....

Edit the atr files for the ghosts and add helmet attatchments. The rockall mod by tinker has some easily edited ones just make sure you give credit.

If you are new to modding I suggest going for the first option as it would take less time and effort however you would not get the same chr model so sleeves would not be turned up etc.

Good luck with your modding :)

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I used the second option MrMoon suggested. Edited the .atr file for c03_air_crew_1a by adding these lines in the .atr highlighted in green.

<ActorName>a Marine</ActorName>


This work but the attached helmet works off the cuba_attachments_01.rsb and the helmet will be olive drab in color. To make it marpat camo like the marine uniform the texture has to be edited with PhotoShop.

However, any Cubans that have an attached helmet the color will be marpat camo.

I only tested on a DS map so I don't know if the helmet will show correctly on the original and IT maps.

Then their was a problem of the the tip of the left ear and a small portion on the back of his head was showing through the helmet. So I edited the face texture using marpat to cover the tip of the left ear and the back of his head to hide that defect as best as possible. I'll upload the needed files if interested.

If you wish to do allot of character modding or skinning you will definitely need PhotoShop.

This is a link to a text file about GR attachments:


Welcome to the forums.




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Notepad which comes with Windows works.

Just thought of this. The face texture you tried with the chinstrap is what you need if adding a helmet.

I didn't add a chinstrap to the face texture I edited in PhotoShop.

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The RSB plug in was designed to work with CS4/5 back in 2000 .So people have mixed results trying to use it on newer versions of Photoshop, Some can, some cant. Personnel for me,

It will work in CS6, I can only create new rsb files, it will not open any old files. also some of the new files end up with corrupt colours.

I would find a copy of CS4 - 5 and install that if your going to be using t a lot .

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