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[High Speed] upcoming skin mod

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wait so balaclavas and chinstraps are part of the models? i guess that explains the issues with the munz head ive had today.

my goal now is ghosts with a face mask (balaclava) with the chinstraps of dieter munz. then im using element11s mich helmet as an attachment.

i apologize if im coming off slow, all this is making my head spin lol

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you can put balaclavas on by all means, it'll just look like its been painted on their face.

the issues you are having is because of the texture co-ordinates of the models. the ones that had chinstraps originally probably had adjusted UVs.

the desert seige standard face textures have chin straps on them i believe.

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Changing faces can be done in a variety of ways.

The face is described in the .atr files as ModelFace and blink face.

Been awhile since I messed with this so I may have left out something important.

Open up a face texture in PS for example icg_blk_cmo_01.rsb the one described in heavy-weapons-01.atr.

He has camo on his face and you don't want camo.

By opening another face texture such as ICE_rus_01.rsb which has no face camo you can

Copy it and paste as the top layer into icg_blk_cmo_01.rsb

Ok it needs some chin straps for the helmet

D/l this PSD which has a chinstrap layer and paste it into the texture your changing. Save as icg_blk_cmo_01.rsb

Add the ICE_rus_01_blink.rsb into the texture your changing and save it as the blink texture for icg_blk_cmo_01_blink.rsb

There are allot of faces in GR that can be used as ghost faces or vice versa.

Unsure myself about how stock faces work on specialist models.

Link for Faces PSD


Has a chinstrap layer along with layers for eyelids and ears. The PSD has guides that center the eyes, tip of nose and center of mouth.

Made several groups, Done, women, old guys and undone. Undone need allot of work with the free transform tool(ctrl+t) and clone stamp to make usable ingame.

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I made the Ghost face for Riley but I don't think he ever used it.

Pen tool on the chinstrap.

Pen tool is always the last resort.

I prefer using color range or the lasso tool but that doesn't always work out.

Extract is another option under filters.

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cool beans, thanks a million wombat and zeealex. this is starting to come together better.

zee, is there anyway i can change the UVs?

no worries, chico, glad its coming together better.

The only way you can change the UVs is in the UV editor of a 3d program that's compatible with the file, like i said, to get the least faffing around it's best to just counter the UV problem with modifications to the actual texture. if you look at the desert siege standard heads, they have chin straps that don't bloat.

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Hey shake a leg, the USSOCOM pack has Ghosts with keffiyehs (shemaghs) wrapped around the lower part of their mouth. Just wanted to give you a heads-up.

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