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I'm thinking about releasing my personal mod but i'm hesitant to do so because of mod permissions.

my mod is basically a compilation mod so theres nothing i can try to claim as my own as im using a combination of all my favorite mods.

the biggest issue i see is the fact that GR and its mods are over a decade old and most modders have moved on from GR, some completely off the grid.

i know centcom and eskwaads mods are to be left as is but what about frostbite or any other big mods?

So how would i handle authors that cant be reached? its it ok to use whatever i want as long as i give proper credit?

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IMO if you have done everything possible to contact the authors, email and PM or if they have a FB account that you know of. Some modders will provide contact details in the readme of the mod.

If all the above doesn't get a reply the all you can do is give detailed credit of what you have used in your mod, this game is so old now that most modders have moved on and are no longer on here or contactable.

As Alex pointed out Rocky may want to have the final say.

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Unfortunately you will have to do all you can to contact the modders first, send them PM's if they have an account here and send out emails.

Give them a reasonable amount of time to reply, if then you hear nothing I would then start to create your detailed credits for those modders then include them in your mod.

The above assumes Rocky is in agreement here, maybe send him a PM and ask him to review this thread to post his thoughts.

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Got it.

Is anyone still in touch with the dtd team? It seems most of them haven't been active here for years. I'm interested in some stuff from "no easy day"

Also looking for gen montgomery for his "special forces skins"

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I tried to get hold of dtd.

No such luck.

Make whatever contact attempts you can then submit it to the sharing is caring thread.

I'm sure they would have no problem with you using bits as long as they are credited.

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Hey all! I am so pleased there are people still
modding this game. It was such a fun time in my life. I have a few
mods out there and I figure I will just give blanket permission for any and all
to use the material I created; now and in the future. I love how respectful
this community is and has been. Happy modding all!

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