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everybody must see this!(part 2)

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Desert Stealth Recon is coming soon. I'm still working on it, and it will be released either tomorrow or the next day. The mod will have the 12 specialists from Stealth Recon with Desert Stealthflage, and the DS kits too!

See if u can find Tomulus in this pic:


Here is the answer....


Now that is what you call camo!! :devil:

Anyway here is some more pics:

Crazy Ivan


Kommando, Nightmare and Hero


Edited by -[NCM]- .:Nightmare:.
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Wow looking sweet .:Nightmare:. - are you planning some sniper missons or a campaign? That would really top it off.

Jack :)

ps: Just a small point - the combined size of thoes images is 5.5MB - that's a real problem for people on Dialup which is still most web uses. Jpg is much friendlier :)

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- .:Nightmare:.,Jan 17 2003, 23:42 PM] @ Jack, those pics are in .jpg format, and I'm on dial up too.

More screenies coming soon.

My sincere apologies .:Nightmare:. !

I guess it must be something to do with the way I have IE configured that converts them into bmp's when I right-click save-as. Very odd - never had that before!

My mistake.

Jack :stupid:

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The MP will be in the part 2 of this mod. So u jus' gonna have to wait. :(

The mod (part 1) is finished now anyways....

Here's some more screenies:-



Here's the 2 regs:


Tomulus' skin has been re-done:



I changed the colour of the boots, and I re-done Tomulus' skin.

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GOD JOB!!! those LOOK AWSOME!! MAN!!thanks for the change on boots :) ,and for this CAMOS too,yep we will wait :rocky: ,We got the Time and ART never has to be RUSH !!,one question bro ? Can we see in close up "Tomulu's" gear,Yousaid that u redone the skin, LOL and thats to far to admire your work,sorry to bother you with our curiousity :ph34r: ,thanks for ur time and work!


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