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In this YouTube video he posted about two weeks ago, Quicksh0t explains why - after more than a decade - he still loves playing GR. Many of us will be able to share the sentiment, and he makes some very good points about what makes Ghost Recon so special.

Here's my favorite sound bite:

"Most of the time when we think of older games we've loved, we get a nostalgia that makes them just seem like they were the best experiences of our life, and then you go back to play them again, and you find yourself bored in minutes. Perhaps these games aren't as good as we first thought when we were kids.

But then there are the Ghost Recons, the Zeldas... the games that we can go back and play, and they're still as entertaining as the first day we played them. And that is why I still hold Ghost Recon in such high regards. It is one of my favorite games ever."

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