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Gamespy closed - Single and Multiplayer affected?

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So I think Gamespy servers closed yesterday?

I loaded up GRAW2 on steam and there were a few servers online and I joined them as I normally would have.

I loaded a custom map and launched my own server so I could play some custom missions on my own.

So it looks like if you are playing the steam version of GRAW2, everything is as normal?

What about if you are playing the retail disk version though? I don't have that installed, but I seem to think there is a gamespy login screen to get passed before you can play any GRAW2, so how is that working now? Anyone tried?

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Gamespy is still working here on my retail disk version, there are a few servers up an running with a few pkayers online.

Even when it does close you should be able to play offline using a LAN server.

Gamespy was due to close May 31st, not sure why it's still working.

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Ghost Recon multi-player is still alive and well.

For you GRAW2 multiplayer fans, you can still play online using a VPN.

There are some free VPN’s available that are easy to use. Hamachi always worked, but isn’t free anymore. The one free solution that is working right now is GameRanger: http://www.gameranger.com/ It also works on many of the other games that were dropped. They were very fast at getting them online and strive to add many more.

Another solution is Tunngle: http://www.tunngle.com/

Tunngle is working on the GRAW2 solution, and has many of the other multi-player online games working now.

If you know of any other solutions please share so everyone can enjoy the games they paid for, or not.


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GameRanger does'nt work very relaible at all.

There is something wrong with the code in there. If I host a (LAN) server nobody can see it in the server list.

Tried it multiple times, saw peeps come in the "room" tried to connect and leave.

Tried all possible settings, including no firewall / virusscanner / DMZ (exposed host) to my LAN. This is weird because I hosted a dedicated GRAW2 server for years......

Connecting to a few other hosted servers is most of the time a pain in the a**. If it works, its always a login / logout / kill game / reconnect / login / logout & in again to get a server visible in the server list. I never could connect to a server in one go......

Also tried the Hamachi option, never could get it to work.

I share Rhickam call for other solutions, but a little more detailed then "it works with xxxxxx" or "I can play OK with xxxxxxx".

There are quite a few players out there who are NOT as technical as some of you guys. They need a simple short, but simple instruction how to get things to work......

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Lowlandernam, I expressed my view on another discussion, I need more detailed information too in order to continue playing multiplayer graw2. So far, no one has provided a simple instruction on accomplishing this.

Waiting for this information because I enjoyed playing this game, even tho I am a lot older than most of you and maybe all of you...

Tom1935 :cowboy:

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Sorry guys,

Gameranger is very simple to use, and I didn’t think anyone would have trouble with it.

I recommend to remember that Youtube is your friend.

Here is a link to using Gameranger: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gameranger

It appears to me that Lowlandernam has done the appropriate troubleshooting steps, and I’m not sure where his game is failing. It mostly sounds like a local Firewall or Proxy issue.

To extend your familiarity with Gameranger firewall issues, try these videos from youtube to see if there is anything that helps: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gameranger+firewall+problem

I hope this helps to get you going.


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Hey guys.

Game Ranger works fine for me, but I think a lot depends on what kind of internet connection you have.

What may help you here is this.. at the top of GameRanger go to EDIT then OPTIONS go to Network and look for

connection speed, go t the highest speed in the drop down box.

To join or serve you must go about this the correct way or it will not work.

If you see me in there, you are welcome to join, under description you will see me as RR SNAKES LAIR UK.

Would be nice to see a few new maps also.

Good luck guys.

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TAW has a dedicated Virtual server running Rahnman's mod with up to 32 players.

It is using Hamachi.

1.Load Hamachi

2.Hit the Power button\

3.Select Network

4.Join an Existing Network

5.Enter: TAWGRAW2 ( there is no password)

6.Submit request for approval.

7. When approved just log in by turning on the power button.

We play every Tuesday and Thursday starting around 8Pm EST to 12pm EST.

Also Saturdays at 8PM EST.

You can join us on Teamspeak at t3.taw.net

Colonel Mexicobob

Division Commander GRAW2

PS: tom1935 I am 72 maybe older than you!

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Mexicobob......nope, I am 79....glad to see some of us "older" gentlemen still young enough to play these games. I was interview by this web about my age playing against those much younger then me and the interview is still available to read here somewhere...found it once ...

Tom1935 :shuriken:

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Additional Info: for post #12

With Hamachi loaded and running, start GRAW2.

Select Multiplayer

uncheck the Auto Login box

Select Lan Only on the right hand side of the screen.

Then you should see the TAW server under the Local servers.

(if You have been approved)

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Hey guys,

Not sure if this is right place to post this,but I see more people are coming back to GRAW 2 which is great. But if there are any map makers reading this what are the chances of a few new maps being made. I think I must have nearly every good co op map made and

still playing then with friends, I do get the occasional game crash or freeze but we like to finish the map and not bother about points.

Look forward to a reply.

RR Snake uk :snipe:

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