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GameSpy - Game Over - GRAW2

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Hello all,

Some of you will know me as GD=_)Struth the administrator of the Australian PC-Gaming network formally known as GraveDiggers DownUnder or GDDU.

the gddu.net website is no more as my partner in crime "GD=_)GRiNREAPER" has disappeared.

I have changed our name to GameDiggers and using the same tag GD=_)

You can find our new website here - gamediggers.net

However that's not what I'm here for...

I'm here to let you know that we are setting up a VPN using hamachi to play GRAW2 online as GameSpy will be closing as of May 31 this year.

We will require all players to join our teamspeak3 server when playing and you can join automatically by clicking on the teamspeak3 app on the right side of our front page.

I'm sure there will be a better alternative at some time in the future but for now this should work fine.

Regards all

- JH


I can confirm GRAW2 works fine with the free version of Hamarchi, "unmanaged"

I set up my server on a routable class A IP and setup Hamarchi network on that server then run GRAW2 client, select Multiplayer/logout and bobs your uncle.

I had a player from the USA and another from South Africa test it, we played through a coop with no problem at all.

The free version only allows for five clients, one of which is the server it self so if your planing to have more then 4 players at a time on you server you will need to shell out for the

Managed version:

Standard network subscription | Up to 32 members per network

£19.00 per network | Total: £0.00 / year

I will update this post with the details of how the Managed system works if the demand requires it

Please think about joining gamediggers.net to keep this game online

If enough players are interested I will create a public network with a read only HD and auto reboot to make it secure

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Hey pagey,

Ill chck it out.

Please do mate

There was not much people playin lately tough..

We have quite a few from your side of the globe, we welcome all. I used to play Hockey for a while but that was back in the 80's lol. these bones are a bit old for it nowadays, hope to see you over at GD.

Thanks for the reply.

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G'day all,

Thanks for the update, I'll make a news post about this soon.

Please do and if there is anything else I may do to help the longevity of this game don't hesitate to ask me

Second round playoffs games starting tomorrow. Best time of the year fer me. :rofl: Go Habs Go.

Ill be on this weekend. See you there.

Good luck with the playoffs, I'm jealous, playing Hockey was the best years of my life :boxing:

Hope I catch you this weekend, join the GD teamspeak server for the details

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Maybe not......

I digged around a little and found out that "GameRanger" now supports GRAW2.

I tried it and saw that - TEAM:[PCR]:RUSSIA - had a test_server up and running. I could even connect to it, although yuo have to connect through a chat "room" like thingy.

I set up a dedicated server and made a "room" for it, it showed in the serverlist, but I could not connect to it.

Might be worth a try......

aka NamHcTud[GEEZER]

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"....I don't think you can host a SADS, it's peer to peer only : (...." Not sure what you mean with that, but this GameRanger seems to work.

I am not trying to torpedo your efforts, but I could connected to the earlier mentioned server. Nobody there, but I was in......

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Yes, that happens to me too.

I solved it by loging out and loggin in again (login for internet play....).

The login credentials should be automaticly set to :


pw = * (is a space)

nickname = unchanged

Until now, the only server I can connect to is the [PCR] server....

If I "host" a server, it shows in the serverlist, but it stays empty all the time (exept me...)

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Taw has a server running under Hamachie. Use network TAWGRAW2

Then request approval

The server is running Rahnman's Mod 4.1

Is a 32 client Hamachie server.

You do not have to be a TAW member to play but would like to have you join.

Join us on TeamSpeak 3 at ts.taw.net

Colonel Mexicobob

GRAW Division Commander

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Ok guys, I'm getting this "database error" too and thought it was my software. I have concluded I am ok, and its gamespy? I am having a hard time understanding what's being said here, just a little dense on this stuff. I have been playing graw2 for years and would like to continue, I do play online too, usually RAS, channa's server.

Ok, give it to me simple, what are the steps for me to continue playing graw2? There seems to be an answer here or one coming to do that. I don't know what kind of support is needed, let me know.



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We play on Tuesday and Thursday night starting around 8 PM EDT for about 3 to 4 hours, sometimes on Saturdays at the same time.

I see where you have already submitted a request to join the server. The Server Admin will have to approve you, at which time you will be able to get in game whether or not anyone else is playing as the server is up 24/7.

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Hi all,

if it helps anyone else reading this that may just want to play with friends co-operatively, me and my mates tried both Tunngle and GameRanger without any success. Hamachi worked straight out the box though.

I've read threads where people said that both Tunngle and GameRanger worked, but not for us, and we did try all kinds of suggestions. If anyone else has tried those options and failed, then try Hamachi.

Someone host a network on Hamachi, get your mates to join your network, then same person start the game and host a LAN game, either campaign or mission, and everyone else should see the game in their local server list once it's up and running. Join as normal and have a blast.

Hope that helps.

I hope that may help anyone who's struggled with Tunngle or GameRanger

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