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Small taste of things to come.

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I think it is on the right track. Tinker told me the fix in a PM a long time ago but I never saved it to a file.

I'm almost certain it will not cause CTD just thousands of Sound Uninitialized entries in the ike.log.

Found this post about it from Tinker:

Lots of SOUND: Uninitialized: usually is a wrongly named vehicle but does not cause the crash.

snatch.vcl in the 9ms12 mod makes this entry millions of times because it is not named jeep_snatch.vcl. Putting jeep or truck in the file name tells the engine if the vehicle has 4 or more wheels. So when you use the snatch.vcl, these entries are the engine continually telling the IKE is does not know where to send the sounds too, while it is moving.

Best way to fault find the crash with no help in the ike.log is to copy the file. Remove just the script, does it crash. Remove the vehicles, does it crash, remove the actors, does it crash.

Good luck.

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I messed with the names too. I didn't get any crashes but still got the Sound Uninitialized in the ike.log.



Cleared the map and script of everything but player platoon and friendly soldiers.

Added the vehicles back one at a time in Igor; ran the game then exited. Checked the ike.log.

The above vehicles are the only ones that throw the Sound Uninitialized entry in my testing.

In the .vcl file one is a type 0 and the other a type 1 which I think is a wheeled vehicle.

Not sure what falls under type 0. I haven't tried renaming them with jeep or truck etc. in the file name.

I think that may be for wheeled or type 1 vehicles only. Not sure.

The other vehicles I checked with their original names.


Renamed both as:


Did not throw the error for either but when you walk up to them they sound like an idling vehicle.


The other vehicles except for the 6x6 truck and talon M249.vcl were stationary so I wonder if they would throw the error if they were moving. Hopefully not.

Testing tomorrow, I am hoping with the ike.log not being constantly written to that I won't get the occasional frame rate drops I experience now. The stock game runs a constant 61 fps for me but when playing some mods I get allot of dips in fps. Notably P2. No more than I let the game run while testing each vehicle I had 40,000 lines of Sound Uninitialized. This may be wishful thinking.

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jw_scream.wav does not play in Audacity or Windows Media Player
and has no attributes in folder detail view. I know it is the crew screaming when their tank is destroyed and ingame I hear your version. Odd

Gasplant voice acting files were 44,100 Khz so trying to make the game not lag so much for me I changed them to 22,050 Khz. May have helped some but not positive. Will upload if interested.

Dnipre_river map I had not seen before. If you have done the textures on it they are very nice.

Command map seems too dark and maybe needs more contrast.

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Awesome I now no longer get the Sound Uninitialized in the ike.log, finally I won't have to sweep through thousonds of entries to find possible bugs thanks for the fix!

Having the crates and control units set as jeeps is fine I personally barely notice the ambient jeep noise.

I believe the 6x6 truck is fine as it has 'truck' in the name.

And I don't think the vehicle being in idle would be an issue either as both the control unit and crate are technically in idle as well.

Yeah the deal with the jwscream sound is that when the talon ugv is destroyed it plays that sound file which of course sounds like its being piloted by gnomes haha.

This way we don't get that scream of a tank crew man burning alive :o but at least you won't laugh your head off when a ugv gets plugged.

As for the audio files, just checked em out and had no idea they are 44,100 Khz!

Yeah the

I was in the process of making them less ear splittingly loud last night and completely missed that.

Don't worry I will comb through and modify them accordingly thanks for bringing that up!

Yeah the Dnipre_river map is one of many maps Id never heard of till I got rockys mod collection usb in the post it looks amazing

and I'm really pleased with the winter version thus far.

Like you said the command map needs to be modified further, also need to update the straw roof textures for the houses and get some better textures for smaller things here and there.

Am going to be using this map for mission 4 a smaller mission that will see the ghosts stumbling across some ethnic cleansing being commited by the ravensrock forces in revenge for the

recent attacks. If you have seen the movie 'come and see' you will have an idea of what to expect.

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A quick way to find sound files that are either 22050 or 44100 Khz is to set the folder view to 'details'. Being a sound folder Windows has headers such as contributing artist, title and album. None of which I need for a mod sound folder. Right click on the folder's header bar and choose 'more'. Tick 'bit rate' and maybe 'length' and untick any that don't apply.

With this view, if the file is 22050 Khz it will show 352 kbps and 44100Khz will show 705 kbps. You can click the bit rate header and it will group or separate them by bit rate.

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Ah I see what I usually do is open it up in cool edit and go to 'convert sample type'.

Cool edit is really great for manipulating sounds and making new ones out of various samples.

Ive also brought the fog back in a bit hopefully that will speed things up a tad.

Thanks again for making this a better mission then it was :)

Might convert a serp mission for thanatos and include it in the next version which will be released here and on moddb after next weekend.

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