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Small taste of things to come.

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Sigh a night of scripting wasted my teams of Russian naval commandos arriving from the sea just don't seem to want to obey orders after they get out of their boats and lie on the floor like idiots.

I take back what I said about dark winter this looks like the most complex mission Ive ever made comming in around a month dev time so far (sigh) so much more work to do.

Ah well a small pic update, naval infantry officer HVT.


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Hey dude the next version will have one extra thantos deluxe mission + the first three original campaign missions done thanatos style.

Ive basicly used the heroes unleashed versions of these missions and replaced the maps with high def winter versions replaced all the actors and vehicles with thantos versions and added in some extra surprises and challenges.

For example mission three now has georgians guarding the hq with a bmp that gets lit up by a hind pretty early on.

Replaced all the Russian infantry with thanatos vdv troops and the t72s with the thanatos t80.

Also added some burnt bodies around the trashed bmp and pick up truck.

New imported weapons, some better textures here and there and I shall try and improve some things for the dark winter mission as well.

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Played GasPlant mission for 5-10 minutes. Quick saved a couple of times and on my third quick save it CTD.

I did not check to see if the mod had a save folder before playing. If the archive comes with a save folder with any saves in it that may be the reason for the CTD. Just Guessing.

Looked at the ike.log but no clues. It did have allot of Sound Uninitialized entries but I don't think that is the reason for CTD. That is usually a community made vehicle that has been mis-named. I don't remember the fix Tinker told me about. Maybe rename to jeep or something along those lines. IIRC it has to do with the number of axles the vehicle has. Maybe Hammer knows.

Voice acting is good, not a bit cheesy. New fog settings are nice too. Turned music switch on today. Good stuff.


Will try mission file in your last post.

Played for 20 minutes with no crashes. Made several quick saves and quick loads too.

Curious as to what you changed?

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