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Small taste of things to come.

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Wow talk about de ja vue, there used to be an almost identical screen shot in the P2 dev thread lol

I have 5 different Max versions of this vehicle, I will sort through and send you the last version I have.

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Yay big update!

You can view larger pics here.

Wen't over caves again.




After some trouble got farm night done.



Gas plant!



That horde of milita I was talking about.




Wasn't keen on the hex camo on the truck, so made this new skin based on a picture of a Ukrainian azov battalion truck.



And another American vehicle passing for a Russian one a "Kamaz-63969 MRAP" (wink wink)



That is all for now :)

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It looks really good, great job! :) The only thing that seems quite strange to me is the armband used by the disguised Ghosts, I think that the text is backwards or something like that ("ЯИЦИЛОП" instead of correct "ПОЛИЦИЯ").

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I think that the text is just mirrored, not actually backwards, so it should be easy to change to normal. I only know some basics when it comes to the Russian language, but when I know something useful I usually try to help. ;)

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Yo small update.

Been working hard recently but mainly on mission scripting so a small media update is in order.

Fixed the armbands hooray!


Naval infantry urban/snow camo mrap.


SVR Voron agents.


Buzz Gordon in his FS beardy glory!


Larger images found here.

Still not having much luck with 3dsmax 5 I'm still getting giant vehicles or no vehicle at all :( Need to talk to hammer about it when I get the time to do some more tests.

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