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Small taste of things to come.

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Hi skip I have mainly been learning 3dsmax recently but have completed some work for the mod as well just don't expect it out for a few years at the least got some pics but be warned blogger.com has screwed up the saturation on some of the pics.

First off I'm a little sad to say after a few private discussions with forum members I decided not to work with Eskwaads briliant models as I've heard a few too many horror stories about attempts to reskin his work.

I've instead started working with Calum Keen's special forces ghosts as they have the same helmet and glasses combo, not quite as pretty but still very nice.

Fitted them out with mtp, not to sure on it will see if it grows on me.


Finaly got my act together and made decent versions of the Russian camos sadly blogger has oversaturated the color a bit.


As seen in Ukraine lol.


And some Mexican Cartel members. Again saturation is messed up on the pic.


That is all for now :)

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mmm ... I came late to this forum! But no matter ... MrMoon amazing! I love these skins based GRFS, please continue with the project is fabulous! especially the Spetsnaz Bodark skins... I totally agree with you! this great and realistic game should last a few more years. I look forward to ready for download since appeared GRFS and thought someone was to create a mod based on the latter.

PD. Excuse my bad English.

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Hi !! as will progress awaited mod?

I'm not sure but you had specified that the mod requires CENTCOM, if so, please improve the characteristics of the weapons as these in this mod have a big problem for precision and stabilization that caused that most of the shots did not give in target and much wasted ammo, which seems absurd considering that embody special forces operators which are experts in handling weapons, indeed the enemy force was shooting better and if was right on target.

Who cares what I say! is your mod and you can do whatever you want, anyway I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the final product. Greetings.

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Hmm, ModDB have stopped serving their mods now? It diverts to Gamefront and gives a file not found error.

I have two download servers that are a bit more reliable than that and have less/no ads! Can you upload the mod somewhere temporary so I can grab it and create a working download for this?

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Hi! I already tried the demo and I am totally satisfied, better than I expected. Being this a sign of what's coming, now if I'm quite sure it will be a great mod.

The mission is very complete, best used your map design their own creators, patrols, tanks and others are perfectly located between a perfect balance between a very good security on the part of the Russians and very good opportunities to dodge by Ghosts. I really liked the objective consisted in eliminating the Russian officers! having to identify them after deleting gives much realism to the game.

Bodark Special Forces ... just terrifying! Very knowledgeable and also those who were equipped with the optical camouflage they made even more lethal !! when they were cast down were virtually unwatchable! (after a couple of attempts to achieve defeat attracting them in CQC).

Operation Dark Winter ... Very successful and I hope the other missions are conducted in the same way. I also think you should remaster the original missions of Ghost Recon, Desert Siege and Island Thunder with the concept of Future Soldier!

I hope in the future development of this mod more variety of weapons, new characters for specialists and please do not pull over female ghosts (modernizes the skins for Astra, Lindy and Susan).
You've created a great mod and in my opinion will be much better than Heroes Unleashed / Centcom / Blood Oil.

I love this classic! and wait long for a moder used the concept of GRFS in this great game (I was hoping that FS will use the same mechanics of this game open spaces but I left very disillusioned even though the concept of the concept of the future soldier I like very much) later this year I am going to upgrade my computer to play the latest in video games and in spite of that I will continue to enjoy this classic and even more with the concept of FS devised by a moder.

Thank you! forward and hope for its full version. Excuse my bad English.

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