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Small taste of things to come.

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Thanks for the comments guys and gals got some more Ghost variation pics comming up soon, just need to get some textures looking right.

If you have not guessed already I'm going for a 'future soldier classic' theme. FS was a solid shooter with a nice online feature and a fun single player campaign with some awesome features, but as many of you here will probably agree with wasn't really a true ghost recon game. I couldn't help but wishing ubisoft would just drop my ghost team onto a map give me a bunch of objectives to complete and let me go about things as I see fit instead of just holding my hand down a shoot/stealth corridor (though pretty that corridor was).

Imagine if you could actually play the way the live action trailer implied, having to search for a drone command center and take it out to cripple the enemy defences and make your main objectives easier.

What I aim to do is bring FS's near future military theme to the classic gameplay style as well as bring forth a whole bunch of cool 'stuff' that we saw in early gameplay footage and promotional media but ended up being left out of the full game.

Remember those kick ass armored omon troops, the ground drones and that giant t-80 with the insane looking era armour? Well providing I can get what I need and get to grips with 3ds max all of those should apear in the finished game (as well as a gaz tigr and gaz 66 :P).

Also the stupid blue combats on the bodarks are gone for good (I may use a more sensible camo pattern I have not decided yet).

In its final form it should have an epic 17 mission singleplayer campaign, a remixed original campaign with both campaigns missions available as co-op too and maybe fully functional bodark vs ghosts pvp missions.

I am more or less a one man team so it could take a while to complete as I still have things to figure out but with more of the help Ive had from you guys this thing will get made and be awesome :)

Zealex, I'm hoping to use your re-textured GR maps from project novo in final mod, you're a brilliant texture artist and I'd love to have your help. But for now while I'm figuring everything I wan't/need to do out Ill do textures myself.

Blame, you can thank wombat for helping me mimic the bodarks stealth camo. ;)

Cheers guys lets see if we can keep this game alive a few more years :D

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Zealex, I'm hoping to use your re-textured GR maps from project novo in

final mod, you're a brilliant texture artist and I'd love to have your

help. But for now while I'm figuring everything I wan't/need to do out

Ill do textures myself.

alright buddy, it's quite easy to get your head around in GR, not as much file editing, once you've got the bug... you've got the bug :) as you know, you are free use Novo as you see fit! :) and I've got mission 14's map in desert lying around somewhere too ;)

i might actually take a look at PN again... I was quite far into version 2 when the plugin mucked up. if I remember rightly, the map and character textures were a fair bit better than version 1, i'll see if i've still got them...

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Ok got some more Ghost variations and more on the way including desert and jungle variations. ;)

Also note the new scar camo :P


(Would also like to mention/remind that these are reskinned centcom models I had no part in making them and that the mod is an addon for centcom and will make full use of its assets)

Thanks for the support guys :)

Zeealex, yeah having started of writing config files and manually typing mission scripts for ofp I can say GR is waaaaaay easier and missions can be built far easier.

Would love to see some more project novo :)

Ledanek, I love cats, and memes involving cats :P

Wombat, thanks for continuing to help me, various times throughout my stay here I don't know what I would of done without it :D

Blame, its likely only the bodarks, voron agents will have access to it as I can't edit the AI to actually recognize someone is cloked other then upping there stealth points through the roof.

Perhaps a hero or two will have the stealth camo.

Riley, would love to see some more missions by you I played through both of your campaigns and the deja vu missions from your tac ops mod. Always enjoyable :)

And thanks Rocky :D

Gonna knock out a few more 'woodland' variations then finish the 'final' version of my digi flora Russians this time with higher res 1024 x 1024 textures.

I must have like 20 different incarnations of these guys on my hard drive, god damn those versions look ugly compared to what I have lined up.

Hope to get some more pics of the new reskins to you guys tommorw night :)

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