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Wombat50's "Migryder Festival Mod"


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I use this as my personal mod for SP. Had it on my mind to release it but it needs allot more work and I think it would be hard to get permissions. Really to lazy to ask for them.



EDITED 2015-04-03:


  • 30 intense SP/COOP quick missions from Migryder's mission packs
  • Loads of meticulous re-texturing for maps, characters, visual effects, etc.
  • More realistic sound effects for weapons, explosions, ambience, vehicles, etc.
  • New male and Russian voices
  • Many other game improvements

Mod Download: Wombat50's "Migryders Festival Mod"

Textures Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rv355w7x73u600q/Textures_BB3.rar

From the ReadMe:

Includes missions from the following Migryder Mission Packs: Pressure, Africa Burning, Guatemala Mod and Knightfork.

Play as Quick Missions.
There is no campaign.
Very solid for SP. One or two may cause problems in MP.
Different skins for Ghost characters. Snipers now use the Jack Stone character and not the ghillie suit.
Map textures (mostly ground) and color adjustments for many but not all maps.
SOUNDS and stock weapons:
-Male and Russian Voice. Some but not all
-Weapons, cracks, whizzes and explosions
-A few ambient and vehicle sounds
-Some but not all Character footsteps, going to prone and crouch, wounded whump(by YOTM Team)
-New grenade explosion (horizontal and vertical surfaces)
-Blood spray has been changed to a dust cloud from bullet hitting an enemy or being hit.
-Sky textures for c02_military_camp, d05_aurora
-Smoke textures
-Groza rifle
-binocular mask
-sniper mask
-clear night vision
-wheels and treads for BMP, desert BMP and SA13
-vehicle dust
-bullet ground impacts. I had no luck changing the color.
Mod First Look gameplay video provided by twcrash (Seawolves Special Forces):
Edited by ApexMods
Edited topic name and added mod info and downloads to opening post etc.
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Thanks Led and Giampi. The music is Protectors of the Earth by Two Steps From Hell. It was used as the main theme for "Vietnam in HD" a History Channel series.

And God is it awesome, if you like that music PM me I know quite a lot of similar groups and tracks

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Wow. Wombat, it would be a real shame if you didn't release this as a mod! If you don't feel like getting permissions for a standalone why not at least release it as an add-on mod for YOTM?

BTW, admittedly it's been many years, but when I contacted YOTM's map makers (IIRC it was Sleeper, OSO, and Don Miguel) they were all fine with sharing, so maybe you should at least give it a try?

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I have gotten lazy about this.

I have made a bunch of "adjustment mods" for our team. Blood Oil, Rockall, YOTM, Alpha Squad 2.6, Centcom ,Clear and Present Danger and to the the original game and expansion packs. Most of my edits are weapon/explosion sounds, Male Voice sounds, Ghost skins, command map edits, .kil files for MP, skyboxes and overall map appearance.

It wouldn't be a huge job to compile them all into one mod but getting mod creators permission could be a problem in some cases. Tinker has given permission for BO and Rockall and I think Thumper is somewhat active for CAPD so I'd probably hear from him. AS_Bueghler could probably get a hold of Robalo who put together AS 2.6.

That leaves Centcom and YOTM. Tried to PM jay316 about Centcom but got an error message that he is not accepting PMs. I only know OSO from YOTM and I get no response from him. I'll see if I can get the needed permissions.

Currently this is what has me distracted. I'm still in the testing stage as it can take forever to figure out how to get things to work in Arma 2.


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Strictly YouTube fare.

I used this in the init line of the units to change the texture of woodlander_v2:

this setObjectTexture [0,"woodlander_v2_co.paa"];

It is only possible to do the diffuse with PS this way. I would have to have allot more patience to edit the normal, specular maps etc.

GR is so much easier to change textures, lol.

To make them all Chinese I stumbled on this and put it in the init.sqf:

for "_i" from 0 to (count _allunits)-1 do {
_unit = _allunits select _i;
if (side _unit in _sides) then {
_num = 108 + (floor (random 17));
_face = format ["Face%1_PMC",_num];
_unit setFace _face;
_unit disableConversation true;
sleep 0.01;

_num = 108 refers to this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_CfgIdentities#Face108_PMC

and uses the next 16 randomly

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Been working on and tweaking sounds and

also having a review of some of the maps I have done adjustments for.

Mainly working with the ground_dms levels and saturation and I might lighten the fog if I think it needs to be brighter.

I always thought GR was too dark and under saturated but maybe it was more my computer in the past instead of the game.

Short vid below about newer stock M4 weapon sound.


Edited by wombat50
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Thanks. Working on sounds for the stock game right now. Made dozens of sounds in the past and listening to them now, allot of them don't suit me. The M4 sound in the vid is a sniper rifle sound I really liked that I sped up quite a bit. Messing with high and low pass filters, and the speed can change a decent sound where it can be used for another weapon.

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I have decided to experiment with saving the sounds in 44Hz instead of 22Hz.

I record some really good weapon sounds from YT but after reducing them to 22hz, mono

most of them are meh...

Pretty sure weapon sounds crash the game in stereo but I'll check again.

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