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Hey there,

I've been selecting some of the Russian soldier models from the Udmurtia Spetsnaz mod and replacing the original soldiers in my own mod (I only wanted a select few models to replace all soldiers), and I've created the .atr files correctly and placed them correctly in their respective folders (rifleman, demolitions etc.) but I have this annoying problem where in the character selection/loadout screen, there's the odd one or two soldiers that are still the original! This also happens when I replace the opfor models - some are the new models and some are the vanilla.

Someone please help!


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Thanks for your offer mate, I just got it working! I just copied my modded .chr files, created the folder structure matching the original in my mod folder for charcter/allied and renamed them to (e.g. rifleman) ica_us_rifleman.chr and it's worked I think. Although, I don't understand how other mods can replace all the soldiers without doing this like I have..

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