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Well folks i am back after a Good while away Cause of some details i will share in this topic

I Had to Stop Production on URBAN-STORM Due to UBI Creative Director for Ghost Recon Online Contacting me and Asking me not to Release GR-US cause at the time we were Marketing of GR-US they were about to announce "Ghost Recon Online" just a small take on our position

Today is a New Day and why would i be Back?
of course to tell you all I WANT TO RELEASE Ubran-Storm

While all this was going on i had to step away from the Game and Modding In doing so here is what happen

No Longer do i have the full .exe of URBAN-STORM

it was lost all the work and dedication Burnt in a lighting Strike that took out 5 Computers and about 10 TVs

Sad Day indeed

But thankfully i Have Good Friends in the GR Community That has Kept the Game Going for 13years

I lost it all Modding tools

i need them back i want to work on GR Again and bring us GR-US

Can someone make a package of all the tools and give me the link to download them!

So i can Get Re-Started again!
Thanks to everyone here at GR.net
Special Thanks to ROCKY for keeping GR ALIVE.

p.s we have been playing GR NO MODs and have a Dedicated Server and Ventilo for all GR Players to use Visit the FB PAGE https://www.facebook.com/GhostReconUS

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Got the tools from Download section! Thanks ROCKY and GR.net i'm Off to Have some fun! i need to get my 3D Max Going i think Making Totally New Maps with today's New Styling will Be Good! = ) @Blame sorry for your loss friend i did not know you lost the Ghost in you! = ) Hoorah.

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