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link the diesel file to stock atlas texture


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so i download mexbob's mission called "bulldog" made with graw1 assets

thanks (really thanks) to this hard work is possible make a custom urban landscape with graw1 editor for graw2

so i work on graw1 editor, then i copy all units on world.xml and paste on graw2's world.xml of my mission et voilà!

so i have now ( for me) another problem, i read somewhere in this forum, that for the performance, especially on multiplayer, is better don't use more than 2 atlas texture sets.

i want to use the his_walls stairs/ and tunnels/ that have the custom remade atlas.

the question is:
Is it possible link the HIS_xxxxx category of assets to city building atlas texture?

if yes how?

sorry for the dumb question but i'm lost about the texture atlas, and i don't want reinventing the wheel

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