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Nothing special just wanted to share.
Added a BMP to an existing mission to see how it would do on the Swamp map.



It can go out in open water where players can not. While in the water it can be destroyed if any of it is above the water line. Can't be destroyed if fully submerged however it can shoot players. IRL I don't think they fully submerge but ride in the water at a certain height.


Just thought this was a nice screenie

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What's new? We use the AAVP amphibious vehicle all the tim...wait...

I know I know teasing people is mean but I couldn't resist lol


To be honest that is kind of cool. In all of my scripting I never tried to do that with armored vehicles.

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There were stories about this place... scary stories....WHATWASTHATNOISE?!!!!
Lol, there is something about that house.
Making the path was simply in open water but getting the BMP to go through vegetation was a PITA.
Lots of trees, rocks and bushes to dodge.
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