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Can't join a game even though I'm in the game lobby.


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Hi all,

I used to play GRAW about 5 years ago on the xbox 360. I've just got back round to buying this again for the ps3 but i'm having trouble entering any network games.

I am fully connected and get through the ranked game screen. I am entered in a lobby with other players but as soon as the game is launched I am only able to spectate others. Is this because I need to download certain maps or packages etc?

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If you dont have the maps for the games that are hosted then you simply will not get into that match, especially if they are custom maps, but dont know whether there is a way of making custom maps for this game yet.

If they are hosting the stock maps, then no, you dont have to download anything.

Have you tried hosting online to prove that your connection works and people can join you ?

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