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Changing character skins ?

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Never edit original files -- doing so can cause serious issues with your game.

Either make a copy of a mod folder, or open the IGOR Game Editor, go to File >> Mods and make a new mod. There are two ways to go about the next step -- if you edit the .atr (actor) files, which specify the details of a specific character, then you will have to edit all 200+ files. It would be much easier to get your pilot .chr file (this is the file that shapes the person and specifies which textures they use on which part of their bodies), put it in your new mod's Character folder, and make 12 copies of it. Then, name each copy the same as each .chr file found in Ghost Recon/Mods/Origmiss/Character/Allied. Naming your pilot .chr files the same as these .chr files will overwrite them in-game, as long as you have your mod at highest priority in the mod list. The ones that need to be overwritten are the ica_us_rifleman, ica_us_demolition, ica_us_sniper, and ica_us_support, and each of their variants with the _a/_b suffix.

If that's too confusing I can give a simpler explanation.

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