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TacOpSquad Mod

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Our Ghost Recon team, the Tactical Operations Squad, was created on May 3rd, 2012.
Our first member was 7A a.k.a Teppe, and many others joined over the first few months
of our existence. We made many improvements, including changes in our ranking system,
dozens of new tactics, and the addition of voice communication. In December, we started
facing the CHI clan in small skirmishes every evening, which gave us a lot of different
ideas on how we should carry out our missions.
In early 2013, we started using mods, and we soon decided to create our own mod.
A few members and I began work on the official TacOpSquad Mod in March, and we planned
to include a character for every member of the team, an arsenal of new weapons,
more than a dozen new maps, an eight-mission campaign, a new interface, and intro videos
showing the storyline of the campaign.
Unfortunately, many of our members lost interest in the game and began resigning near
the middle of the year. By the 10th of June, 2013, we decided to retire the remaining
members and shut the Tactical Operations Squad down. We managed to implement a character
for every current member of our team, enemy German and Italian skins for the campaign,
nearly two-hundred new weapon loadouts, four maps by 9MS Tinker, two new gametypes,
fifteen quick missions, a new soundtrack, and four campaign missions.
Playing with the Tactical Operations Squad has been the most rewarding, exciting,
and challenging gaming experience of my entire life. We've fought through the
battlefields of Ghost Recon together for at least seven hundred hours, and I've made
a lot of good friends through this team. I hope to see you in the field again soon.
God bless all of you guys.
Captain 9ECHO, out.
To install, place the TacOpSquad Mod folder in your Ghost Recon/Mods directory.
Use the 'TOS No Restrictions' kit set in Multiplayer to get all TOS loadouts.
The mod was going to include airsoft guns that did no damage but made your character
flinch. They were tested and worked perfectly, but I removed them after I made
the mistake of letting everyone bring them to a training class, resulting in me
being teased by streams of fully automatic fire throughout the entire lecture.
The last game the TOS ever officially played was on a map called 'TV Station'.
The members present were SGM 0K a.k.a Mr Mojo Risin, SGT 6R a.k.a JoBo, SGT 2D a.k.a
HunterKiller, 2LT 5G a.k.a Morpheus23, and CPT 9Echo a.k.a RileyFletcher_01. 0K had 2
kills and 0 deaths, 6R had 6 kills and 0 deaths, 9E had 13 kills and 0 deaths, 2D had 2
kills and 2 deaths, and 5G had 7 kills and 1 death. Two days later, 2D redeemed himself
on the same map when he and I were playing the same map alone. After I died a grand total
of 5 times, 2D killed 14 enemy soldiers and won the mission by himself, earning himself
one last Silver Star -- the last ever awarded to a TOS member for winning a mission alone.
The TOS weapons were made with custom reticles resembling real optics, but we decided
to use original style reticles in the later stages of development.
The last four campaign missions were going to be set in Europe, where the
Tactical Operations Squad would fight behind enemy lines and eventually take on the
seemingly impossible mission of intercepting the Axis leader before he escaped from an
airport in Germany, escorted by nearly a hundred soldiers.
The M32 can be used as a pinpoint support weapon by finding your target's range with
binoculars and putting the closest range marking on the M32's reticle on the target.
For example, if the target is 112m away, you can put the grenade launcher's 105m mark on
the target and you will get always get a kill.
The XCR has an optional magnifier behind the main optic that allows you to zoom in more.
6L a.k.a Warhawk11's character originally had 'I AM A NOOB' textured on the back of
his uniform. I have no idea who was responsible for it.
Captain 9E a.k.a RileyFletcher_01 a.k.a GReeves, TOS
First Lieutenant 2F a.k.a Loukicho, TOS
Second Lieutenant 5G a.k.a Morpheus23, TOS
Second Lieutenant 6L a.k.a Warhawk11, TOS
Sergeant Major 7A a.k.a Teppe, TOS
Sergeant Major 0K a.k.a Mr Mojo Risin, TOS
Master Sergeant 4S a.k.a Noalovecat, TOS
Sergeant First Class 3Z a.k.a Doctapper, TOS
Staff Sergeant 6R a.k.a JoBo, TOS
Sergeant 2D a.k.a HunterKiller, TOS
Corporal 8F a.k.a Oelmuvun, TOS
Sergeant 4B a.k.a Crackle Bear, TOS
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