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Searching for two maps...


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Hi guys, I'm trying to find some maps I played a long time ago in GR.

Sadly I can't remember their names but I a little bit how they looked like and their missions, I hope someone will be able to tell me the name of these maps are and where to find them :)

The first one was a long range sniper map where you basically spawned on a hill (at least I think it was specifically designed for snipers) and after one minute or so a couple of enemies would keep spawning for a certain amount of time in the distance running towards you and you had to kill as many as possible.

It could be that this was a co-op or multiplayer map where you had to battle with the other player to get the most kills but I'm not sure.

[edit]Oh and it was a desert map so it could very well be that Desert Siege was required for it to run (which I had installed back then)[/edit]

The second one was a really small map fully packed with enemies and you spawned somewhere in the middle of it so basically you had to move very carefully and almost every wrong move could get you killed.

I think it was also a night map but it could be that there was a day and a night version.

Thats pretty much all I can remember about them, I hope someone can help me here, thanks ;)

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The first map sound like ZeroAlphas training map on the Tank map, were you spawn on the T junction in East looking west down the road. it was a training map that was original used by Team[GR]net and then released.

http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=521 DL link

Don't know about the second one sorry

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@mexicobob: I'm afraid I don't have the time to go through such a large collection to find two maps (not to mention that I don't really plan on ordering something).

@Hammer: thanks, that seems to be the one I was looking for! Do you know if there exists a customized version of this?

Because I don't recall the map I have in memory being a test map and having it packed together with test maps for other weapons (and the name doesn't sound right too).

But it could also be my bad memory because almost everything else matches.

And I think I found the other map as well after browsing through some of the map(packs). It was Killhouse Double from the MLP Mappack 2 (name sounds right and the map also looks very familiar).

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