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Takedown: Red Sabre Steam Pre Order available!

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yeah im still having connection issues as well. I have yet to play a single coop game with anyone. All i get is I need to open certain ports (which i have) and I have also turned off the firewall to see if that would help and no dice. Now with that said I have 18 damn hours in trying to beat at least ONE damn mission lmao. And with all it's connection issues I am liking it. Once I can play COOP i will love it. I did change a setting in the AI cfg that I think made a difference in the SP attempts. I get alot further than when I first started. I did change a line in the DefaultAi.ini that seems to make them less lethal (BaseAimError=550.0) The original setting was 750.0 not sure if it actually makes a difference but it seems to. Anyways 18 hours for 15 bucks i have already beat the cost of a movie with popcorn outta this one so i am happy lmao.

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OK FINALLY completed a SP mission on my own. Killhouse tango hunt but I did it. took 20 hours lol. Anyways new patch out been in a couple coop games having a blast (i work nights so hard to get games in) When you get in it is a tough one and tactics is a must. I think alot of these reviews written were by people who expected a slower paced COD game. Which it is nothing like. It's like playing RVS on Elite except the tangos are meaner lmao.

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Watched all the Q&A videos on Utube,liked what I saw and bought the game. My initial impressions are very positive...in a word "comfortable" . I think folks tend to forget that those classic titles like Rogue spear and Ravenshield, the titles that we tend to use as the measuring stick for those titles that followed had there share of issues at the time of there releases.......to be honest I can't think of a single game in my collection that didn't.

I believe that in Takedown we have a good starting point,if development proceds at a reasonable pace and the mod tools become available I think we will have an excelent title provided the community has the patients.

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First person to pm me with their steam id gets the free copy that Serellan sent out. I'll check back in the morning.

I read the most recent update log, might be time to try this thing again.

Takedown has improved a lot atleast in my opinion. I bought it the first of last month and its been patched twice including additional content since then. Still more work is needed but good progress to this point.

Another free copy available ......PM me with your steam id.

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