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Going to Red Square (Moscow) next weekend


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I'll be visiting Red Square in about 10 days. I've seen some pics of Red Square and the insides of some of the buildings and I think GR portrays them faithfully. There is that building with very long corridors that I have seen in photos.

I get the feeling that I'm going to get goosebumps when I go there. I will be sure to tell my Russian friend that I've whacked many Russian soldiers there before! ;) Especially these days as the relations between our two countries are so warm and friendly. :)

It's definitely going to be an ah-ha moment!

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I got back on Sept. 2. Moscow was great! I had a blast. Upon entering Red Square, I was immediately able to orient myself from my recollections from GR...though a lot of it is different. Theres a temporary outdoor "arena" area for performances in the middle of the open area. And that building with the super-long corridors and arches is a mega-mall called GUM.

I took as many photos as I wanted...no problem. I recommend going at night - its even more impressive all lit up.

I would never drive in Moscow. My Russian friend had 4 hours to go from my airport to her airport and she missed plane due to traffic! :S

I actually wanted to go to St. Pete but the connections were so much easier to Moscow.

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