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newbe here


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And I appreciate the help!

Getting a little long in the tooth so some of these games are getting harder.

Playing on a xbox 360.

I'm at subtle arrow level

How do I change from single to full auto with my rifle?

And how, after I mark 3 or 4 bad guys do I get my team to take them out, without me taking a shot? So far if I dont do the first, they just dont do nothing! There has to ne a cammand. Right?

I wish i could find a list of commands that said how to do some of this stuff.

I guess there is no way to control your team? I may not want them rushing a=head of me all the time.

Thanks in advance

I have other questions but it will wat. Lets see how this goes. I'm 60 and still love playin these games!

Started with Wolfinstien and the orig Doom. What a improvmenmt this stuff is!!!!!!!!!!!

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dont know about the changing from auto to repetition, but the tagging part, when you have selected your targets press and hold RB or LB (i cant remember which) and your team should then open fire without you having to do it. i think the only time you have to fire the first shot is when you have selected 4 targets, leaving 1 open for you to take out.

hope this helps :)

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You switch between fire modus by going into Gunsmith before a mission starts and then change the trigger mechanism.

When you selected 1/2/3 or 4 enemies you need to wait untill all of them are blue

(''notice that if you select 4 enemies you will need to target one of the enemies yourself, you can do this by zooming in and keeping your aim on the target untill you see a laser target from your weapon to your enemy or untill the number of the one you have targetted also gets blue'')

When all of the numbers on the top middle of your screen are blue you can hold the RB button and they will shoot the targets they aim on. it also works when you target one of the selected enemies, your team will shoot as soon as you shoot.

Hope this helps if you didn't find it out yet :)

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