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Year of the Monkey-ARVN mod

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I don't think it is possible in SP.

However, by playing the ARVN missions from the multiplayer tab I think it is possible.

Using the multiplayer tab, create LAN or internet game.

Press the edit server button and scroll through the available kits.

Not sure it works for all missions or specifically the ARVN missions.

I think you have choice of ANZAC, ROK, ARVN, SEALS, ist CAV and others by choosing the available kits.

I had some crashes while doing this so maybe I did something incorrectly or its buggy.

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Maybe you understand already but you can play "Single Player" from the multiplayer tab. The only difference is it is not possible to save. Couple of ways to do it, with respawns or AI backup. Respawns would be like lone wolf in this case. AI backup there are eight teammates you can switch to or direct by their platoons.

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