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Mechanical Switch Keyboards

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Supposedly better than rubber dome keyboards.

Anyone use one for gaming or have recommendations on make or color of switches to get.

I'm leaning toward black switches if I get one.

Video Review of one make:


Here's a article (JUNE 12, 2011):


They review several makes but I know that Logitech makes them too.

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With my PCs I have used/currently own:

IBM Model F - original PC and PC AT

IBM Model M - E140640 and 1390120

Cherry MX Black - steelseries 7g

Cherry MX Blue - das keyboard pro model s

And some random miserable alps switches in old non-IBM PC things.

This is not many keyboards but I still have an opinion.

If I could get the IBM Model F switches in a modern layout I would be incredibly happy since the two I have are more solid feeling and sounding than my two Model M keyboards. But the Model M is still good.

The Cherry MX Blue switch is also much nicer in my opinion than the MX Black. But I also like a nice clicky tactile switch. If I was not able to use MX Blue, I would want to try MX Brown or MX Clear since they are tactile as well despite their lack of a click.

I have had no issues playing any game with a mechanical keyboard.

I would suggest looking for MX Blue switches but keyboards can be a very personal thing and you might not like the noise or feel.

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It may also be worth noting that any significant other may have an issue with you using a clicky mechanical keyboard at night in the same room..... or even during the day in the same room if it is quiet and they are easily bothered by these things.

Also, keep in mind that even when using a MX Black switch hammering them will still make plenty of noise when the key bottoms out just like any other keyboard. You can try rubber o-rings to quiet things down a bit though.

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I switched from an IBM 8820 to a daskeyboard pro s a few years ago and have been very happy with the change. I spent a lot of time on IBM M's and found the 8820 an acceptable alternative, but going back to a true mechanical keyboard with nice action (which has been very stable under use) was a real joy. At this point I think I actually prefer the slightly lighter action of the das over the model M.

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I thought improved response time might be an advantage in online PvP gaming. 
But as it turned out that was pie in the sky.

A cheapo logitech KB from Walmart would do as well. 
Still it is a solid KB that should last a long time. 

I have a black KB with white characters but much prefer white KBs with black characters.
Much easier to see in my case.

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