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Steam Sale's on!


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steam sales are ALWAYS on, because no one likes steam, its a waste of space, they keep making special offers because it doesnt get enough recognition, now they've released Steam on LINUX and UBUNTU and MAC machines so they get more download rates for money...

still 90% of the games on their are rubbish or no one plays multiplayer steam.

I'm a skyrim player, but also i do like the free games they gave out when i purchased max payne 3 as well.

Now arma III beta is released on steam, but im going to wait for the DVD version on its full release...

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Squad_e, Steam uses sales to get a larger number of people buying things they would otherwise not bother with.

This can have two effects:

You try something and find games you like and want to play more

You try something and it sucks but you are not that upset because you did not pay $60 for it like you would have for the boxed copy.

Either way increased sales are a result, and if you like the game you try you might look for a sequel or other titles of a similar genre.

Steam's sales are not because nobody likes steam. The sales are there to rape your wallet and rake in as much cash as possible.

Also, 90% of the games available through steam are rubbish? Steam has a wide selection of games from across the spectrum; AAA to indie, it is all there. (except some EA titles, but that is not a problem)

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steam sales are ALWAYS on, because no one likes steam, its a waste of space. still 90% of the games on their are rubbish or no one plays multiplayer steam.

I'm sorry but that, is probably the most ridiculous thing i've heard all week!

try saying that nobody likes steam to the 4 million+ regular users of it. I'm one of them and I personally enjoy it, the way it works feels very laid back, all I have to do is sit back and let the client do the work. okay so the maintenance and updates can be a little annoying, but it's not as bad as Microsoft.

oh and just so you know, ARMA 3 will be Steam Exclusive. sucks for you!

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Considering that no other single digital delivery system matches Steam's user base, I'd say that "nobody uses Steam" is patently false. Sure, they've managed to alienate large swathes of the market by being digital delivery (e.g. active duty military, Australians, anybody else who can't connect to the net on a weekly/monthly basis) but they've also managed to take huge bites out of the physical-disc buying market, to the point that other software fields are following suit. You cannot, for instance, buy a physical install disc for Windows or Office in the states without ordering direct from Microsoft, and paying $10 extra.

I'm pleased with this summer's sale. I got all three Thief games, and Dishonored with all available DLCs, for under $25 total.

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And now The Chaos Engine is on Steam too at a bargain price!

That's right, I said 'The Chaos Engine' - the greatest game of all time originally released on Amiga back in '93. It's been slightly updated but is true to the original. Funny that isn't it, when you consider certain other franchise reboots/remakes of old Amiga games were like completely different games compared to the original *cough* Syndicate and Alien Breed *cough*

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