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GR Modder Training


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This is the channel playlist I set up.


I'll keep adding more as I get time. Ive been fairly busy and may be getting more busy until the end of the year.

My next videos will be multi-part complete guides.




including modeling, texturing, scripting, sounds, etc. This is why they may take longer. Also, anyone interested in making videos about scripting. Copy my style and upload, ill feature your channel on mine or you can just send me the video to upload on mine. You get full credit of course.

Im just messing around with the character tutorial. Instead of starting a new character from scratch, modifying an existing character is what I'm looking at doing. Just something Ive been playing around with.


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very good. quirky question, is there a way to have CBIEDs? (Civilian Borne Improvised Explosive Device) I want to screw with my clan's collective minds.

also is it possible for someone to model and script a bunny, with sharp pointy teeth, that can actually platoon wipe if not taken down? (again, i wanna play mind screw).

like the playlist btw. my Youtube name is nekonekolen, btw

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oh good qestion about the CBIED. I imagine there is a way to script / create an "explosive" weapon and make it happen. Making it theoretically possible.

As far as the bunny goes. I never tried rigging up 4 legged creatures but I do believe it would be possible althought glitchy. As the model would only have 2 leg bones and walk kind of like a human being without the reversed knees. It too would also have to follow the same scripting/weapon setup to work.

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The bunny would not work well at all, for the reasons pz3 mentioned and because there is no way to arm a bunny unless you gave it a rifle which would just be weird.

CBIED would work with a stationary actor but there is no way you could have explosive special effects "follow" the civilian and go off wherever he is standing.

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so possibly like a hostage thing, tied up, and you have to disarm the bomb on him/her, along with maybe tripwire type traps surrounding?

(I also forgot how to script traps, if anyone can steer me in right direction for instructions. YOTM's first misson is an example of the traps i wanna try)

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Just open the YOTM mission with the traps and look at the script. It's a lot easier for everyone than having someone type it out for you. If you can't find it, just place some effects, set their type to some kind of explosive (see the sticky thread on special effects), and have a trigger like this:

Trigger: Player Platoon is within 10m of Trigger Zone.

Responses: Activate Effect01; Activate Effect02; Activate Effect03; Play "a_exmetal" at Effect01.

Make sure you put a damage effect in there, too. It will kill anyone who gets near the trap.

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