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Michael Bay considering Ghost Recon movie

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I will hope for a good war type move like act of valour or Blackhawk down,,

But I expect given the popularity of the "future" type war games out at the moment, we will end up with a GI Joe style si-fi flick !!

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Hi Folks,

Just mentioned it here on our local radio station too.

We all have a good idea what we would like a Ghost Recon movie to be like in our own way,

But I think Hammer's already hit the nail in the head as to the way it may turn out in the end.

Lets see how this one goes.

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Watch, MBay will recycle all those SOF in Transformer movies.

If there will be hyper-realistic action and explosions, MBay is the man.

Sadly, you're probably right. If the Transformers films are anything to go by, then a Ghost Recon film by Michael Bay will be a waste of time for anyone who wants something even moderately close to real. As the man himself once said, "I make movies for teenage boys."

He'd be better served making a Call of Duty movie, and probably be closer to the spirit of the games.

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I don't really remember much of the movie 300, but it WAS history. Leonidas really did hold Thermopylae from an incredibly larger force because he was able to exploit the terrain and position of the enemy, allowing him to easily hold the pass and launch the occasional counter attack on the stretched forces of the Persians. If I recall correctly, they could have kept it up for awhile, but a native showed the Persian leader an alternative path around the defended area. The film's body counts were probably at least proportionate to the real battle.

If Captain Mitchell can find a conveniently placed fort with a single entrance then I think he deserves to rack up some kill streaks in the movie ;)

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Well 300, as silly as it is at times is actually my third favorite film of all time.

But I mean as long as it feels like he earns his kill streaks I'm ok with that. As long as it is not made as a teenage crowd pleaser, summer blockbuster like transformers or armageddon.

I quite enjoyed ghost recon alpha (most of it) and I believe there are many interesting themes and highly tense action sequences that could come out of a feature length movie if it was done right.

The combination of expert tactics and technology, an unstable near future political climate, the opposing forces military technology of the future, the expansion of unmanned drone technology and

the ethical consequences such warfare, if done correctly could make both a briliant action movie and a tense military/war thriller.

It would have to be realistic as well and I'm just not convinced Bay can allow himself to do realism anymore. I want combat sequences drawn up and shot like the uprising tracking shot from children of men (my second favorite movie) and not say for instance bad boys 2.

What I think we are likely to get is 'modern warfare' style action sequences in which our ghosts sleep walk through every engagement with ###### just blowing up left right and centre

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I was very impressed with "300" too.

I saw a little of Transformers on TV and was not crazy about it.

If Michael Bay did it in the style of "Black Hawk Down" I'd watch it.

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