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I missed the announcement, but apparantly two major news items on the PS4.

1. Unlike Microsoft, they are not targetting second hand sales, which is great news.

2. Price - £350!

That's a great price point and way lower than I expected.

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ok reviving a dead thread sorta but got my PS4 Friday morning and have been playing it pretty steady for the last couple days. I own NO commercial games for it yet ( I wanted to play Blacklight and War Thunder i love these 2 games) Anyways War Thunder isn't available as of yet but BLR is pretty sweet. The new console seems to handle it easily and no stutters or pops.

I also tested ot Warframe, DC Universe and Contrast. All being pretty awesome for free games. out of the games, the system is really quick and responsive in menus and PS store. Unless i have a failure I don't see anything OTHER than that that could be a killer.

PS4 Comes with a free month of PS Plus but Gamestop is having a years worth of PS Plus for 29.99 on black friday I will pick up. Anyone else have one yet? what ya think?

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Yeah, 399 Euros and 399 dollars. Suck on that Microsoft :D

Yep I'll suck on more secure and better online service. And while I'm at it, I'll get Elder Scrolls Online and The Witcher 3 just to wind up certain MMO and RPG haters here. :P

Still, in the next generation of consoles, Valve will wipe the floor.

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I've played a lot on both systems now. Both are really nice but not worth getting at the moment. Wait it out a bit longer until it gets closer to the next E3 and you can get a better idea of where each console is headed for their game line up.

Everyone dismisses the xbox one kinect as a gimmick, but I have to be honest and say I really like it. I love the snap feature and do a lot of skypeing with family scattered across the us. It is also nice having the ability to snap the web browser to look up a tricky spot in a game. PSN can also quickly switch between any game and the browser as well but I like being able to do it via voice commands. Games are also using it pretty nicely so far. I like asking for ammo in battlefield 4 but just speaking "need ammo". Honestly we spent an hour on just the UI on the xbox one before we even put a game in.

It is really nice how smooth battlefield is on next gen. It will be crazy to see what they will be able to do with it down the road.

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I am not into the whole kinect thing and I am good with my system as of now. I think you get what you like. I mean I am a gamer and if i could afford both i would but i went with what i knew and i love my PS3,PS2 and PS1 so it was a no brainer but good luck when you get yours which ever you decide

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