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Spin Tires Kickstarter Project


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Stumbled upon this. Described as the ultimate off-road challenge.

Link for a demo in description of the video. Little leery to try it.

I imagine Tinker as the driver as IIRC he did similar in the military.

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Interesting that they've used 'tires' instead of 'tyres' for a driving game. Two completely different and non-interchangeable words. Could be a deliberate play on words, perhaps referencing that the game could be tyresome, or it may refer to the fact that the vehicles have large tires. :)

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I have tried both the old and new demos. It is neat and different than most vehicle based games. The only thing is though some of the ground is really really soft and when the truck sinks in you can generally just hold the throttle to make it keep going unless you are on a hill.

They do not seem to really bottom out and get stuck like a real one would.

But that might be just because it is still a demonstration and not the full game.

Still worth checking out though.

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Someone may have compromised their server, idk, I downloaded it a fair while ago.


Oh, now I see what looks fishy, that link in the vid description.

Here is a link to the kickstarter page:


And here is the download page:


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