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More evidence that ubisoft is mismanaged

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Yes, the UbiShop in all it's incarnations (web and game launcher) has always been a mess; horribly organized, impossible to find what you're looking for, and everything is virtually always completely out of sync with respect to retail price anywhere else and is over priced.

Origin suffers from the same maladies of horrible interface, zero organization, and prices that are uncompetitive with what you'll find in the etail and even retail brick and mortar market.

It's difficult to feature how with relentless screw-ups on the scale Ubisoft presents that the company remains solvent...

Even though I'm all in with the criticism of Ubisoft, the ongoing tragic comedy of where that's headed; I'll still be sad the day it fails as a company as it still employs some amazing talent and is the holder of some fantastic ip that will likely get buried in the company's failure or reorganization...

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