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Hosting an Internet server

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How do I go about creating a server that can be seen on the Internet via GameSpy?

Better yet, can start the game in a way that it will go to a specific IP address for a server? (It does not appear that you can add one in the UI) I'd rather do it that way and just play coop like I do in OGR.

In messing around a bit, I've followed the great instructions in Beaver's post regarding setting up a dedicated server. I'm not able to see it on the LAN, however. Firewall off and the whole bit.

Any input on getting someting set up for myself and a couple of friends to try some co-op on a server that I admin would be appreciated! (I know of the VPN software solution, which is fine if it comes to that.)


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You do not need a dedicated server. All you need to do is select "Create Server" at the multiplayer level.

Give it a name that your friend s will recognize and give it a password if you like and give that to your friends.

Build your map rotation by selecting the maps you want to play and click "ADD" to put them on the right hand side of the list. Also you can select it to be LAN or Online Server. I always use Online Server for it to show up in Gamespy list.

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Oh, so all I have to do is set it up as an online server, and it will show up when they choose multiplayer and sign into gamespy? That's not so bad.

If I wanted to skip gamespy, set up a LAN server, forwarded ports to it ... is there no way for them to manually add my public IP address and connect directly? That would be ideal, so just wanting to be sure.

Also, where is the server config file stored? I've looked in the settings forlder where all of the info I can find claims that it ends up after you create a server, but there's nothing like that there other than the server config help file. I've set up both a dedicated and in-app server, yet no .xml file with the config. Ideas?

Thanks for your reply,


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You can't join a server by IP-address in Graw2, whatever kind of a server you create, it goes throught GameSpy.

LAN server is like in every other game, it just appears for the people that are connected to your internet.

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