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How to share the Tactical Map with Clients

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Hi All,

We know in the co op only the team leader can see the tactical map. When I play with my friends, who ever took the team leader needs to show us where are we in the map, I found it's so annoying and frequently we should look the team leader's monitor. Guys, is there any way to solve this problem? Either team leader can share the map with clients, or clients can access the map? I mean any mods ? or tricks ?

Thanks in advance

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Alternatively, I did read recently that you can select other players helmet cams as you would in single player.

You could , as leader, look to the relative location, and client players could view where you are looking.

Haven't tried it, and never knew before now.

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Is this the TacMap Solution we have been looking for...??

I have discovered that there wasn't ever that much wrong with GRAW
The graphics, physics, ballistics, tactics, blah, blah, blah...it's all there !
My main gripe was the lack of a tactical map we could share in Co-Op Multiplayer, but I'm hoping that's been fixed, thanks to BSR Vhladd's OGR Mod

Y'see, with enemy AI so ferocious, to achieve an advantage in No-Respawn-Never-Played-Before-Maps Ghost Recon gave you the command map and sensors. It was nice to have an in-game equivalent of being able to say to your buddy " Hey, there's one over there.."

I never forgave GRIN / UBI but on reflection GRAW is a pretty good successor to GR. Really good.

DOWNLOAD : ogr_co_op.bundle.zip

I've yet to test it out, but I have taken the necessary files from BSR Vhladd's mod and created a co-op version.


It will require the map makers to have included a MiniMap, but this is usually the case, if not, it may even be possible to create a set of Grid-Map Minimaps to work with the custom co-op maps already in existence.
Failing that, it wouldn't take long to open and fix for hardcore no respawn players.

Pop the file into your MODS folder and activate as you would the ogr.bundle or nocom.bundle

in your context.xml using <mod_bundle name="ogr_co_op"/>

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