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Experimenting with Arma 2 camera scripting

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Was this inspired by the A-Team? I ask because at the beginning a tank blows up next to a civilian and the civilian still stands there seemingly unscathed. Or was that the tank driver walking away from his tank that just got blown up whilst he was still inside, A-Team style? Either that or it's a video game trend that developers seem to like these days: cheating AI. (Guild Wars 2 and your 'Eye of Zhaitan' bosses that can shoot through walls and floors I'm looking at you) :hehe:

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You had to go and mention Guild Wars 2, didn't you? Such great potential ... such an abomination of a game. I liked this video overall though, despite the aforementioned seemingly-unflappable AI. =D

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The vid is not inspired by the A-Team.

This was never intended to be realistic. I have know idea about A-10 tactics or procedures during combat.
A real pilot would probably have a good laugh at the procedures.

The civilians were invincible as was one of the tanks for a period of time. The A-10's were invincible as well but they will crash and burn which they did many times.

I setup a small mission and set the camera positions with a script.

The first two minutes is not edited except to eliminate texture loading when switching to another camera position.

It is all AI as I was not a player on either side.

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maybe you can set up a "gun view"?

That's a good idea.

The cheering dude: Yes, his blood was hot.

When I do some camera scripting its usually long enough between doing it that I forget the basics or at least the nuances.

I did some things in the camera script this time, like adjusting speed of time, calling animations that I had not tried before.

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Thanks Hammer. Arma 3 looks allot better for cinematics but Arma 2 has a character model that looks closest

to a CCF infantryman. Invasion 44 has models that look closest to UN Forces.

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Nice Hammer. Arma 2 doesn't look to shabby but graphics, models and ambience is nicer in Arma 3.

Liked these two Arma 3 vids in this playlist:

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