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Direct Join for GRAW?

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The regular TAW servers will be going down tomorrow (May 28th) for good. The only way you can play on a TAW server is by using Hamachie and the server will be under Local Servers in the MultiPlayer section of GRAW2. The server to join is TAWGRAW2 , you will need to be approved before you can play. We are running Rahnman's Mod 4.01 for both Coop and TDM on this one server.

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The gamediggers.net servers will switched over to our VPN also using Hamachi

Network Name: graw-two


  • coop normal
  • coop Rahnman's Mod 4.01
  • TDM

Coop is already there, TDM and Rahnman's to follow soon :bye:

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I'm not understanding most of what's being said here but I just logged in to Ghost Recon II RAS and things look the same and the game is being played, both coop and TDM on line. Something did change as far as the resolution setting in the game, so looks like someone else took over????

Tom1935 :flowers:

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Ghost Recon multi-player is alive and well.

For you GRAW2 multiplayer fans, you can still play online using a VPN. Using this solution you will use Lan play and connect to everyone that joins your Lan. (Lan = Local Area Network)

There are some free VPN’s available that are easy to use. Hamachi always worked but isn’t free anymore. The one free solution that is working right now is GameRanger: http://www.gameranger.com/ It also works on many of the other games that were dropped. They were very fast at getting them online and strive to add more.

Another solution is Tunngle: http://www.tunngle.com/

Tunngle is working on the GRAW2 solution, and has many of the other multi-player online games working now.

If you know of any other solutions please share so everyone can enjoy the games they paid for, or not.


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