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This a remake of JohnTC02's 2009 Calavera Storm map to commemorate the destruction of the smokestacks that were at Calavera which was originally called Smelter Town. The smoke stacks were a famous landmark for the El Paso Juarez area for over 100 years with the tallest stack (the one with red and white checkerboard) being 826 ft tall. It was erected in 1967. The demolition of these stacks took place on the morning of April 13 th 2013. Videos can be seen on You Tube Asarco Smokestacks.





​Name for your server:coop_mexbob_smeltertown_v2

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Congrats on the release Bob.

As I have mentioned before you are more than welcome to use anything I have done including my buildings giving credit where needed.

Thanks for adding this Rocky, I was just going to do it as Bob did ask me via PM.

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Candy where were you during the beta testing?

I've canceled the mail notification of beta-testing subforum. What's up.

Probably trying to get his cracked version of the game to work.

How many enemies are in this mission? I am looking for some missions that are similar to OGR missions with light resistance.

Why. My games allllllllways work well. :fingersx:

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