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I'll make this simple. I have switched to a satellite WildBlue internet connection and my download speed is anywhere from 5mps to 10mps. Browsing is instant. However, I get a ridiculous ping in Modern Warfare and cannot join any Vegas 2 rooms. I assume I will have the same problems in other games but haven't had time to test yet. My ping in Call of Duty is anywhere from 900 to 3500. Any ideas?

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Just goggled it and , this seems to be a standards type answer in there forums, from customers

"Due to the distance to and from the satellite there is a time delay between you sending a packet to an internet server and the server returning it first data back to you. The delay is due to the distance and does not affect the bit rate available.

The time delay is fixed, about 240mS for a complete one way hop, up and down via the satellite. This will be a severe disadvantage in any game where "who clicks first wins". You will always lose.

The bit rate (speed) available depends on your tariff choice. For domestic customer use, the bit rates offered are shared with quite high maximum values (1 Mbit/s or more). The average bit rate allowance is typically 10 to 20 kbit/s, so for example between 2000 and 1000 people might be sharing 20 Mbit/s of the downlink capacity.

There are limitations regarding the number of Mbytes downloaded per hour, day or month in oder to fairly share out the maximum bit rate provided

Similar sharing occurs in cable modem systems and in ADSL systems (at the telephone exchange). However the advantage of cable and ADSL for gaming is that there much lower transmission time, compared with satellite, and thus no significant delay at the start. "

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if you suck at online gaming, like me, its a non-issue.

if you download a lot of por.....err....lolcats, like me, its an issue that need addressing.


I have a friend who lives behind Mount Rushmore, and he has to use Hughnet Satellite (???) he gave up online gaming and streaming videos. He therefore does a lot of download-to-watch-later shows.

what part of TX? thinking of moving out of gun-free-Illinois.

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